The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


13. Magic

Chapter 13








In front of us sat a ring of crumbling stone ruins and cobbled ground. Ivy had surrounded most of the rocks that were left and was slowly bringing it down into the sea. Moss grew in between the cracks and flames burnt in metal baskets on every couple of streets. We clambered ashore silently and I helped Arnold lift the boat out of the water and hide it in the remains of a building. We crept along the streets hiding below a low wall everytime Arnold thought he heard something. Occasionaly a group of heavily armoured men would walk past in formation. Exept they wee taller than all men id ever seen but  with long hair sweeping down to their shoulders and when I saw one open his mouth to speak I saw that thir teeth had been filed to deadly points for tearing at meat or flesh.

Progress was slow but eventually we made our way to a large stone building that was not damaged. Arnold lead us inside but stood inside the doors were a group of soldiers. Arnold shoved u down a hall way to avoid being seen. At the end of this there was a large wooden ladder Arnold turned and nodded to me before descending down. Once he had checked it was clear he climbed back up and helped Vanessa down I went last making sure nobody followed me.

Down there was a large stone room with an iron door at the other end.

“The Tomb is o the other side of that door. Prepare yourselves for a fight” Arnold spoke softly before readying his staff and kicking open the door. At the end of  the corridor stood one of the soldiers but in a red cape.

“Death to all who oppose our glorious leader.” He shouted in a deep guttural voice.

“Elf, Your leader is a tyrant let us bring him to justice” Arnold shouted back

“Enough” The elf shouted running forward drawing his sword. But Arnold got there first smashing the  heavy end of his staff hard into the side of the elfs head the elf fell heavily anto the ground. Taking advantage Arnold pinned the eld down before drawring a short knife and shoving it in one of the eye slits on the guards visor. There was a piercing scream as the body spasmed but eventualy he lay still. Arnold stood up and walked over to a massive stone coffin with the cast od a great warrior on the front. I reached out and touched the top. As my finger touched the stone a bolt of electricity shot up my finger sending me flying backwards smashing hard into a brick wall. I saw Vanessa screaming and Arnolt running towards me as I blacked out.


My eyes opened to see Vanessa crouching over me. When she saw I was awake she hugged me tight. Arnold helped me up. The stone lid on the tomb had shattered into hundreds of pieces. Suspended above the tomb was a silver sword with a jade handle and a ruby at the hilt. Along the sides of the lower end were gold scribbles in a language I didn’t understand. Just then a shimmer of light appeared next to the tomb. The column began to take human features until a man appeared beside me.

“Who are you?” I said drawing my sword and turning to face him.

“Arnold” I shouted but turned to see him facing me a blank expression on his face.

“Don’t worry I’ve just frozen time. But we don’t have long. I am Alizar  the powerfull and I wish for humans and magical beings to live in harmony.” He spoke his voice echoing around the stone room

“Aren’t you dead?” I asked my hands trembling.

“Yes. But my spirit and powers lived on within the sword. When you touched the coffin. My powers found someone with a pure spirit. And my strength an magic fused with your spirit.”

“You mean I can do magic?” I asked my voice failing

“I will tutor you until you can become ruler of the magical armies and be in harmony with the humans.”

The coloumn disappeared and I jumped as Arnold placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Are you ok?”


he walked over to the sword which was still suspended in mid air . he reached out to grab the handle but it remained stuck. His face distorted with effort as he attempted to move the sword but his attempts failed. The sword started to glow red hot until he pulled his hand away screaming.

‘its protected by some enchantement.’

The colomn of light re appeared in front of me and pointed me towards the sword.

“Take it, it answers to you”

I reached out and grasped the handle of the sword and without using any effort plucked it out of the air.

Arnold stood in the corner string at me with amazement. His hand had turned red as it had burned against the sword.

Vanessa stood there almost struggling to keep up with the turn of events.

I took my sword out of its sheath and gave it to Vanessa. I then sheathed the silversword. Into the leather sheath. The sword cut straight through the leather falling to crash with a metallic clang against the stone floor. I looked round for something that would hold the sword. In the coffin there was the body of Alizar and his bones wrapped in his armour and sheaths. I took a large over shoulder to hold the silver sword and another leather waist sheathe for holding my normal sword. I turned and walked towards the ladder back into the temple.

“what now?” Vanessa asked Arnold.

“we go to the Kings palace and Challenge the magical emperor to the rule of the magical empire.”

We climbed the ladder up into the temple.

“We turn ourselves in” Arnold said.

We walked up to the guards. As they saw us they drew their swords and prepared to charge

“This person challenges Senred to his throne. By anchient law you have to abblige” Arnold shouted as they approached

The leader stopped for a minute before nodding to his men who surrounded us their swords facing inwards.

“You try to move, you die” He snarled before leading us out of the temple and through the streets to a castle in the center. As we approached soldiers started staring at us. At the door we were made to give up our weapons. I was resistant to give up the silver sword but the Figure emerged and nodded.

The soldiers all gasped and stepped backwards when they caught glimpse of it,

“Impossible, how do yu have Silverlight?” He inquired

When I refused to reply the leader punched me hard in the stomach. As I doubled over in pain Vanessa started to complain. The eader turned round and punched her hard in the face. I stood up and felt the hot white rage boiling over the top. I felt the rage burn hot white and I felt the power tingling at my fingertips. I let it out at the man screaming in my ears. The man flew backwards smashing hard against the wall.his head crushed like an egg.blood splattered against the stone. As I turned to Vanessa something hard hit me in the head knocking me to the floor. I tried to shout as everything went black.


When I woke I was sat against a cold stone wall surrounded by more stone. Metal shackles bound my hands and Vanessa sat across the room staring at me.

Arnold stood in another corner also staring at me.

“Why Didn’t you tell me you could do magic?” Vanessa said at last

“I only just found out” I pleaded and continued to tell them the whole story. When I had finished they looked truly sorry for me

“What an ordeal” Arnold said

The coloumn of light appeared before me.

“I don’t have long to prepare you for the fight. To start think about your shackles.”

I nodded

“Ok now imagine them exploding and will that to happen”

I did as he asked and the shackles exploded into pieces.

Vanessa and Arnold jumped back amazed as I stood up.

“Great, now try to create a shield, do this by visualizing it in front of you. When you have done this practice moving it. Then get your companion to attack you.”

The column disappeared as I concentrated on te air in front of me. I saw a small vey slight change in air as a small shield materialized. I knew that they wouldn’t be able to see it. I made it grow until it covered my whole body.

“Hit me Arnold. I kneed to test my powers”

Arnold grabbed the remains of my shackles and swung them as hard as he could at my body.

As they got close there was a large crack and Arnold cried in pain dropping the metal onto the floor with a clang. Just then the door was opened and soldiers ran in.  they dragged us out and took us up to a throne room. There were large stone pillars with flames burning literaly on them. At the end of the room was a platform with a huge iron throne. Sat on it was a man in gold plate armour.

When we got close he started to laugh his laughter echoing round he room. When he finished he gave me a malevolent grin showing his teeth.

“I am shen, apparently you challenge me to combat for my kingdom. Apparently due to laws I have to oblige as well as using the weapons you came with even though you stole one from me. The fight will occur in the walled courtyard at dawn. Now get out” Shen shouted his words dancing around the room.

The guards gave my weapons back to me and put us back in the cell. I spent the rest of the evening experimenting with the shield. When dawn came I felt ruly ready. I said goodbye to Vanessa and shook Arnolds hand before being escorted out into the courtyard. Stood the other side was Shen his armor gleaming. He swung a malicious battle axe that was on fire.

“begin” a voice shouted from above and Shen charged forward swinging the axe menacingly. I visualized the shield infront of me and drew my normal sword and braced for his attack. He saw my efforts and I guessed he could detect the shield. He stood back and withone huge swing smashed the axe against the shield. To my horror I watched it shatter like glass as fine pieces of it blew away in the breeze. He then stepped forward and kicked me over into the dirt. I rocketed up to my feet and before he could bring the axe down I thrust the sharp point of my sword. Up towards his  waist is sliced and came within an inch of his waist before shattering into hundreds of pieces. The iron pieces fell to the floor. And I knew that he had a sheid covering him. He grinned and swung the ire axe hard into my shoulder. The axe bounced off the metal pate but the flames heated up the metal burning my skin. I fel backwards screaming as the metal burned into my shoulder. I rimmed the shoulder piece off burning my fingers as I did tossing it away to reveal black burnt skin. I was filled with rage and drew Silverlight and began an onslaught slashing and stabbing at him. But my attempts didn’t even come close. He lauged staring me in the eyes. His eyeschanged colour and began to swirl like ink. I knew he was using a pell and tried to tell myself to resist but it was fascinating me drawing my strength. I suddenly felt an overwhelming tiredness. My eyes felt meavy as I struggled to keep them open. The onslaught  continued. I brought Silverlight across in an arc back and forth about a meter infront of me. This was predicktable and slow and he easily parried starting to mock me. I continued like this as he began to get arrogant dancing round laughing at me.

“Is that all you’ve got , you worthless piece of…”

before he finished  I summoned allthe energy I had left and doubled the onslaught so it was two meters. The blade ripped straight through his armor cutting deep into his chest. I had known the magical sword would pierce his shield. Id had to. He fell back blood dribbling down his armour to mix with the dust. The blood had made the sword change. The gold writing became bold and I felt its power surge into me. Suddenly I felt immense strength. As Shen tried to swing the axe I brought the sword down slicing his arm clean off at the elbow ith a sickening crunch. He screamed as his blood sprayed everywhere. I reveled in his pain and suffering. He fell to his knees his face tipped up to the sky. His mouth emmited a piercing howl of pain. He turned to me pure anger in his eyes. They went the colour of crimsonand he faced me complete hate in his eyes. I swung the sword with all my might striking hishead from his shoulders to send a fine spray of blood slashing onto the floor. His body went limp and collapsed. His head rolled along th cobbled floor to the feet o the general who had captured us. His face showed astonishment as well as fear. He faced me and fell to his knees his hands locked together. The  men around me did the same and bowed kissing the ground. The general looked up and with eyes of admiration he spoke

“My King”





































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