The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


6. First battle


Chapter 6












I woke to the wind howling through my tent. The flap had been blown open and hung loosely like a flag. It had rained in the night and my cloak was damp with moisture. Droplets of rain glided down the tent fabric before falling and splashing on the ground. I got up and put on the boots taking care with the laces so that they did not come undone through the day. Once I had finished I found my food ration in a box outside my tent. I sat down on the wet grass and tucked in. it consisted of tough cooked mutton, a bread roll and some cheese. I ate the mutton chewing slowly trying to savor the flavor. Then I heard a bugle sounding and I watched as soldiers emerged from their tents, looks of tiredness on their faces. We walked over to the keep and stood in our lines. Commander Pentan and another knight walked over to address us.

“This is commander Dometic and he is in charge of the garrison from Westfall. The prisoner regiment will be stationed by the siege post and will be the first over the wall”. We were made to gather our weapons and put on our chain mail and report at the command square in ten minutes time. When we returned we marched over to the next field which was a couple of hundred meters from the eastern gate of the city. I stood staring in awe at the group of ten tall wooden structures protruding into the sky.

“What are they? “I asked David.

“They’re trebuchets” he replied as we were briefed on what we were to do.

A man in dirty clothing walked over.

“My name is chief engineer Stocks and am in charge of the trebuchets. You are the prisoner regiment and so you will be the first into the town and so you are also in charge of defending the trebuchets while we make a breach in the wall and then you will storm it. Any questions? …. Good”

He walked off and so we decided to take watch as the engineers loaded the trebuchets. When the order was given the trebuchets swung upwards launching giant balls of stone towards the city walls. The first couple dropped short and dug up mounds of dirt and grass and I could hear a distant cheer from the rebels on the wall. Then one struck the stone of the wall and made a loud crack. The cheering stopped and the trebuchets were re aimed and fired. This time all of them hit the wall destroying one of the stones. This continued all day until finally before dark there was a breach just big enough to fit three men through at a time. The order was given for the garrison to move into the woods behind us. When the light finally started disappearing and the night crept along the ground like a predator, slowly and cautiously. Then the trebuchets ceased to fire. We waited through the night taking it in turns to watch the walls for signs of movement. When twilight came we were ordered to advance towards the breach. I advanced with my sword sheathed and my shield and my knife in my hands. The hole was dark and we crept forward. I was about twenty into our regiment and as I was reaching the wall the first men crept inside.

There was a whoosh and as I looked up all I could see were thousands of tiny flames screaming towards me followed by dark objects. When we were through the breech into the courtyard that followed that was when the screaming began. Men fell to my sides screaming as the metal tipped rain smashed through their armor and sliced through their flesh. Tens of men went down screaming as the flaming arrows hit. It was horrible as men were running round screaming arrows protruding and flesh burning as the arrow had set their clothes a light. As I looked up I could see men on the roofs firing down on the soldiers in the square below. Men were screaming and running for the breach but were shot long before they made it. The only option was to hide but where. I saw a cart that had been tipped over but a few seconds later it was alight. I ran down one of the side streets and crawled under a stack of barrels. I threw the shield away as it would not fit and I conceited myself and prayed that the main garrisons would be here soon. I could hear metallic clangs of swords and clanging and a couple of men ran past. Eventually a couple of the barrels were moved and I drew my sword and prepared to die. It was Geoffrey and Chris grinning at me.

“What happened?”

“The garrison was right behind you and overwhelmed the enemy. We had hid and saw you come over here.” We got up and joined the fight. Progress was slow but we were slowly fighting our way to the citadel. When we were in the streets close to it that was when the fighting really got fierce. We were in tight steps leading up in to the square. There were men stood on the roofs throwing large rocks down onto us. A man jumped out on me and I swiped my sword before he could react. The sword slid smoothly through his stomach spilling blood and sending his intestines splattering to the floor. Just then a rock hit me on the head and I collapsed into the black.



I woke to rain splattering onto my face. I opened my eyes to see grey clouds above me. I could smell the pungent fumes of fire. There were sounds of women screaming all around me. I sat up to see that there were lots of dead bodies all around me. A couple of soldiers ran past laughing dragging a man before beating him against the wall. I stood before swaying violently and grabbing a post.  When I was stable I wandered up the steps to the citadel. Rebels were being beheaded and women were dragged to the center of the square before put to the sword. The cobbles ran red with blood as another man was brought out. He was brought before commander Pentan who nodded. The man was forced into his knees and his head forced over a stone. One of the soldiers drew his sword before striking the man’s head from his shoulders with one swift movement. The sword sliced through his flesh and crunched the bone before the head hit the floor with a low thud. Blood splattered onto the cobbles and continued to spray across the floor. The body was dragged and thrown on a cart and the head impaled and placed on the battlements. I turned to see Chris, Geoffrey and a group of soldiers dragging rebels across to us. I grabbed on that tried to run and we were ordered to kill them. The man turned to plead with me.

“Please sir I have a son” He begged tears streaking from his eyes.

I looked begging commander Pentan to let him live.

“Kill them all” he shouted all the others drew their swords and cut the rebels throats. I looked at the man sympathetically before pulling out the knife and plunging it into his neck. When I ripped it out there was a fine spray of blood which soaked my arm before his body fell limply to the floor. I ran into the residential district of the city disgusted and feeling sick to the core. I could see the man’s face in my head as I killed him, a look of disappointment; of sadness as if he thought I would not fail him.

The thought left my head as I heard a scream of a girl up high in one of the buildings. I was intrigued and I opened the door and crept upstairs knife ready my other hand on my sword.

Once I reached the top floor I heard a sharp slap followed by a sob and a tearing sound. I could see sir Thomas bending a girl of my age over a bed as he hitched up his chain mail. And started to rape her from behind. She started to beg for mercy as slapped her telling her to shut up. I walked into the room.

“Sir, leave her alone she’s in distress.”

“Get out of here soldier” he growled at me.

“But sir…”

“I said get out” he swung at me his drunken punch missing my head by inches. I leapt forward smashing him against a wall. He smashed me hard in the stomach and I my arm and grabbed his wrist forcing it behind his back. He threw his head back where it connected with a wooden beam hard. There was a hollow thud and he slumped to the floor light headedly. The girl grabbed the knife which was lying on the floor and started stabbing Sir Thomas in the neck. He screamed a high pitch before coughing up blood and went limp. Once she was sure he was dead she grabbed her torn clothes and tried to put them back on. I reached into my bag and handed he cloak to go over the ruined clothes. She nodded in appreciation and put on the cloak. Before giving me a hug and pecking me on the cheek.

“Thank you for saving me” she whispered in my ear before sitting down on the bed and started crying. Her wrists were covered in Sir Thomas’s blood and she kept rubbing them as is to free her of what just happened.  I heard footsteps approaching the door and I drew my sword ready to defend her. Geoffrey and Chris walked in. Their glazes went between the girl and Sir Thomas’s body and back to the girl. There was a heavy thud as the door was kicked in and I heard soldiers running up the stairs calling Sir Thomas’s name.

“Quick out the window” The girl shouted before vaulting out and landing on the cobbles below. We followed and were soon were running for the stables. When we got there we saddled up and the girl looked uneasy but climbed up behind me. We rode out of the city and took the road north towards the border. Once we had ridden for a couple of hours the light was failing and we stopped by a stream in a valley. We tied up the horses before lighting a fire with bits of driftwood and set a couple of fish traps which consisted of a rock supported by four sticks and a bit of string so that when the fish swam upriver they would swim under the stone pulling the string which would pull the sticks away releasing the stone and crushing the fish. Once these were set we sat down and shared the food. Once we had eaten the girl spoke for the first time.

“Vanessa” she said softly

“My name, is Vanessa”





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