The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


8. Captain


Chapter 8















There was a series of loud knocks on the door of the room. we sat up and i climbed out of bed and pulled on my clothes.

"You in there lad? sir steven shouted

"Yeah" i repplied groggily.

"Nice early start, you have to give orders to the men and lead training, im going to show you what to do today but after that you're on your own" i unlocked the door to find Sir steven and a servant boy holding a large oak chest. when i inquered he opened it and took out a large item covered in red cloth. he unwrapped the red so that i could see what it was. it was black armour plating with a red cape.

"You're one of my generals so start looking like one. meet me downstairs in a couple of minutes and we'll go though todays schedule.  i walked back into the room and placed the new armour on the bed. i sat in amazement wondering how i had made it to this level. Vanessa helped me put the armour on and clip the fine red cloak to the back of my shoulders. as i went to walk out he smiled at me also admiring the change. i kissed her quickly on the cheek before walking out of the room and  into the wooden hall. the maid who had given us the key nodded at me as i fumbled to attach the sword to the new sheath on the plates. I met Sir Steven in the bar who stood up and we walked out into the warm morning air. the sun hurt my eyes as we walked into the courtyard of the keep to see thirt men stood to attention facing us. as Sir Steven and i walked in they saluted and Sir steven saluted back. i expected the men to drop the solute but they kept it there.

"They're waiting for you to salute back" he said

i raised my hand to my forhead and dropped it to my side. they dropped the salute and stood to attention waiting for my orders.

These men were really under my command.

We walked into one of the halls and sat down at a table. a squire brought forward a few papers. and we read through them.

"There are chores that the men have to do." he pointed at a piece of paper with a list of jobs on them. they included; carrying food onto the ship for departure, storing water on the ship, and training.

i also had a sheet with the different sections of my men and i wrote a job for each before rotating them back to training. when i had signed the papers they were taken off to the men.

once we had finished Sir Steven stood up and whistled to his squire who rushed through a wooden door.

"Lets see how you fight then." he said drawing his sword and pointing it at me. he was a famous fighter and feared and i knew that it would be an easy victory for him. i paced across into the center of the room and drew my sword. without warning he swung his sword connecting with mine with a metal clang. i stumbled backwards and he was upon me fighting with ferocity and strength but nimble and agile.

"keep your sword up and remain light footed" he shouted before lunging forward and batting my sword to the side, he followed up with a roundhouse kick which doubled me over. as i coughed he swept my feet out from under me landing me flat on my back lying on the floor.

"There is work to do but you fight well with courage" he said helping me up. i bent over ot pick up my sword but he stopped me.

"You're a general you dont need to carry a basic soldiers sword. he clapped twice the sound echoing round the stone room. the squire returned holding another box. Sir Steven opened the box and removed the contents. it was an expensivly decorated sheath covered with gold swirls. the hilt of the sword was made of ivory and on the end a ordinatley carved wolf head.

"Fight with the ferocity and speed of the wolf and it will never let you down" Sir Steven said placing it in my hands. the next few hours passed quickly with Sir Steven making me practise moving fast in the armour and jumping. We then had a few hours practising fighting again before the door opened and in walked Bill, Chris and the other section commander. They came up to the table and one by one saluted and placed the sheets of paper back on the desk before taking their place at one of the tables as lunch was brought in. We sat down on the hard wooden bench as servants brought out plates of hot food. On my left sat Chris and on my right sat Bill. Sir steven lifted the silver lid off one of the plates to reveal a pot of hot stew. We each were given a bowl and a boy went round spooning hot stew into our plates.

"So Denis how did this mornings training go?" Sir Steven asked quietly chewing on his stewed meat.

"It went well sir, the men are more advanced in their attacks now." The section leader said enthusiastically.

"Are all the men ready to sail?" I asked looking at each of them in turn.

They nodded.

"Oh and i've found a job in the stables looking after the officers horses for the girl, Vanessa i believe." Sir steven said.

The boy placed some stew in my bole and i raised a spoonfull of the meat to my mouth. i chewed it slowly savoring the delicious juices swirling round my mouth. the meat fell apart in my mouth and i swallowed it nodding appreciatly at the boy who smiled and moved on to Bill. Once i had eaten a few more mouthfuls i turned to face Sir Steven.

"Great, she really loves horses"

"Good, The ship departs in three hours time so after this we'll go and see her loading the horses onto the boat. we finished our food before walking out into the warm sun and making our way slowly through the cobbled streets down to the docks.

"So sir where are we sailing for?" i inquired as we cme through the inner walls.

"We're sailing for my lands down in new fall" he replied as i saw Captain Phillips standing talking to a load of sailors by his ship. we walked untill we came to a smaller ship with only a few cannons.

"This is our ride back to newfall in the south lands. its a bit warmer there" he laughed before we saw the men marching down to the boat carrying weapons and belongings.

they were led below deck and assigned a hammock each. I was staying in the first mates quaters and Sir steven was staying with the captain in his quaters. we saw men scurrying down the sails to prepare the ship for setting sail. I saw Vannessa leading a horse onto the ship before dissapearing down into the hull of the boat. The sun was setting in the west and a cool eastern wind was drifting in making ripples in the water. i shivered and wrapped my cloak around my shoulders. men ran round everywhere lifting the achor and undoing the mooring line. the sails were billowing in the wing caisith the sip to drift out of the port towards the open sea. i turned to sea Sir Steven beckoning me into the captains quaters. inside The captain was moving small idols of ships and men around a map layed out on the table.

"You are important, so you should know about the rebellion. Basically three years ago there was a debate about whether to form an alliace with the tyrant the King of Astofrem who is at war with the eastern kingdom. lots of knights on the kings council stood against the king and the king had the families and close friends o fthese knights murdered for their treason. they then sailed to the stone fortress and plotted against the king. the rebellion has been taking place ever since. he pointed to the map. here we have ten warships patrolling the coast of the westlands. we believe that the kings fleet is split into two half supporting the king of Astofrem to the east of the great sea. The kings armies are also spilt but a large chunk are pushing the rebel advances back up to the barbarian border to the north. we are calling on the different estates and regeional knights to uprise and join us." he pointed to the different mini flags on the map.

"These are the knights Sir Clarence, Dudley, Curtis,Barath and Sorore. they have moved their men up from the south to attack the kings garrisons ten days ride from Port Royal. The king has orderd men to return south to fight them enabling us to push harder from the north." There was a knock at the door and the first mate walked in holding  a piece of paper with a wax seal.

"Good news from the south Sir. Sir Clarence has taken the garison at Belhaven. apparently the casualty rate was very high." He said scanning ther paper checking for important information."

"This means that the time for the big advance is close.We will have to call all men back to new fall and pepare to ride for Port Royal." Sir Steven smiled.

"We will not rest untill the kings head sits proudly on a spike and the council takes the kingdom." The captain spoke softly.

"Get some sleep we're due to arrive in the town of Sloram tommorrow." Sir steven said pointing at the door. I could sense he needed to discuss somthing with the captain and didnt want me hearing. The boat was pitching and rolling in the wind and the journey back to my cabin was long and dificult. when i arrived i found vannessa lying in a hammock fast asleep. I removed my armour before climbing into another. The ship lurched occasionatly but eventuall sleep found me.


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