The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


14. Camp

Chapter 14





The crowd all locked up their eyes scanning me for what would happen next. Looking for inspiration

“There is a civil war happening and the humans are preparing to march. The day for us to stand independent is over. This is the time for us to choose sides. The armies of magic will march with the humans that you have fought for so long and times of peace will arrive. The story of the destruction of this city is a sad one and to ensure it doesn’t happen again we must make peace with the human empires. Who will ride with me?” I shouted my voice echoing round the courtyard. There was silence until the general shouted

“I will ride to war with you my lord. My armies are at your service.”

Eventually more and more generals came forward.  Placing their trust in me. One took the gold cloak from a box and fastened it round my shoulders.

“What now my lord” one asked

“First I wish for you to release my companions, then I want the armies ready to move out tonight. Finally I require two of you to accompany me to the protectors where the rest of my men are stationed.

The first general came forward.

“I will accompany you my lord as will general Guam”

He said indicating to a big Elf stood to his right. My name is general Mattonz but they call me Luc I lead the elite fighting force of warlocks known as the Gold cloaks. This is my second in command. “

As he said this Vanessa and Arnold were released from a door in the corner. Vanessa ran to embrace me but was stopped by guards.

“Kneel before the king,” he ordered his voice”

Vanessa and Arnold instantly fell to their knees heads bowed. Once the guard backed away Vanessa jumped up and threw her arms round me.

“I thought you were dead” she cried her tears running down her face. Arnold stood facing me admiration and also a small amount of fear showing in his eyes.

“Well done lad”  he said shaking my hand

“Back to Sir Steven” I said walking down out of the keep they followed closely at my heels the general followed not far behind. When we got to the edge of the island I went to help Arnold lift the boat but the generals insisted that I didn’t and did it for me putting it in the water. We rowed back through the fog in silence the men surveying for any sign of danger. Vanessa sat staring at me looking deep into my eyes.

When we approached the cave Luc mutterd under his breath and reahed his hand up. Twelve sparks flew out of his hand to hit the roof of the cave. On impact the shattered and lit the cave up like a million torches.

Vanessa gasped as she saw what the cave was like. Skeletons hung from chains the bones yellow and crumbling. Rats knawed at them destroying what was left. These stopped as we wet deeper into the cave to where we had first got in the boat. Once we had climbed out Arnold lit a torch and we walked through the tight tunnels back towards the keep. When we climbed out into the trenches Protectorates came to wards me to find out how it went. When Luc climbed up there was a sigh of anger and a flurry of weapons appeared before him pinning him back to the stone. The Commander came running down his sword drawn. Arnold shouted for them to stop and explained the whole thing. The commander nodded at last and turned to me.

“As long as this isn’t some trick I will keep to my word. We will march along side you” I turned to Luc tell the men to sail to Zephyram we will regroup out side the capital. He nodded and climbed back down.

“Sir Steven is dead, he left out this,” The commander said giving me a letter.  I ripped it open to see a pale yellow piece of paper with sir Stevens writing in it. It aid that I should take lead of the rebellion and take back Zephyram and take Astofrem sending the world to peacecat last. I threw down the letter and shouted as loud as I could.

“We sail for Zephyram at first light.”

Men started to bark orders as someone shoutd to look to the left. Over the wall exiting the mis was hundreds of ships all in formation sailing towards the coast of the mainland.

“Theyre not beating us to battle, abord the ships now.” He captain shouted as men started running through the keep and onto the warships in the port. Sir stevens 300 men came up to me asking for an order.

“Bord the ships, we sail to victory”

“Aye” they shouted in unison before marching back onto the warship Vanessa following. I was one of the last on board as they untied, cast off and pulled in the gang plank. And dropped the sails. As soon as we left the harbor we were surrounded by warships. I stood at the bow surveying the scene taking in the sheer power of the force. There must have been thousands of ships each full of soldiers. We would give them a fight. The sailing took just over an hour but it took much longer to assign spaces for all the ships in the port. The ships would enter the port. Men and supplies would get off and then the ship would sail back out into the bay and drop anchor there. We were one of the last ships into the port and as we walked onto the stone jetty there were men and supplies being carried up the hill out of the town by cart.  I had ordered a camp to be established in the valley. As I made my way over the hill my breath was taken away at the sheer size of the army that had come to fight for me. Hundreds of thousands of tents were set out in rows with camp fires every fifty metes. Men walked about, some sat by the fire heating soup whereas others were practicing in the trees where hay bales had been brought up from the town. The warlocks set thing on fire before throwing them fifty meters without even touching them. Elves sliced and stabbed so fast you couldn’t even see their swords. Giant men of eight or nine foot swung massive hammers and clubs. Smaller men carried axes and short thick blades. Luc walked up the hill to meet me, a tall man with a thin grey beard walked with him.

“This is not what I expected, this army is huge,” I said grinning

“Our armies are vast but also very well trained, they have several daily practices. This is Grim he is the best mage trainer in all the magic isles. He will train you to use your magic.” He said introducing me to the man.

“Do you want to start now or would you like to visit your tent?”

“Ill start now”

Luc nodded to Grim who started walking into the trees and indicated for me to follow. When in the trees he turned to me and cast a spell that threw me onto my back.

“Listen to me, he said his deep voice like ice. I will train you to be the best mage here will ever be. Today we will work on a basic fire spell. Now to do this all you need to do is imagine flames in the palm of your hands and imagine the pressure building up before letting it go at the target. Now set this bale of hay on fire.”

I got up and imagined the flames in my hand then I saw the flesh go red and white before going orange and flames erupted from my skin.

“Good, now imagine the pressure building up”

I felt my hand get hotter and hotter and I couldn’t hold it so I released it at the bale. The balel set alight instantly, huge flames burning it.

“Great, that’s all for today ill come and get you from your tent tomorrow to continue.”

He walked away and the flames extinguished from the bale.

I made my way through the forrest the soft grass sqwelching underfoot. When ireached the tents the light had started to fade. I went straight into my tent and fell asleep. I woke in the early hours of the morning sounds of scrams and shouts. I sat bolt upright and donned my armour as fast as I could before scrambling out of the tent. Down below a couple of trees were on fire. I ran down the hill soldiers rising next to me. As I reached the border of the trees there were hundreds of dead soldiers, laying about. Their throats slashed and their boddies badly wounded. The boddies covered the ground leading into the forrest. Hundreds and hundreds lay there.  I suddenly realized. These were not our soldiers, these were the soldiers of Astofrem, our enemy had attacked the camp and had been defeated badly. A group of soldiers had migrated to behind me and were also taking in the enormity of the slaughter.

There was a russle in the trees and a hundred weapons were pointed in the direction of the woods. A hundred or so men came out of the tree line Luc at the front. Once the men had egnowlaged each other the weapons were lowered.

“What happened?” I inquired  looking directly at Luc

“about 700 me attacked during the night. Uckily our sentrys picked up on them and woke us. These men were poorly armed and poorly equipped. It wasn’t much of a fight.” He said kicking one of the boddies by his feet.




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