An Angel

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  • Published: 15 May 2014
  • Updated: 15 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Just a poem about a person who has captured my heart.


1. An Angel

I believe I know what the touch of an angel feels like. Better yet, I know what the kiss, what the hug of an angel feels like. So soft these kisses are. So gentle and full of love these touches are. But oh so cold is this angel's heart. To have me mesmerized by his soft lips and his cool gaze, but to walk away when I'm wanting more. And to come back when I'm finally over his charms, and only to kiss, to touch, and then to leave once again. I want this angel. But everybody wants what they cant have. But I'm soon going to capture this angel, so he will be mine. So he cannot continue to put me in his spell, just to walk off. This angel, this mystery person, will not continue to have my mind reeling after him. I will not continue to wonder if he is ever thinking about me. Oh angel, oh angel. What type of angel is this, to string me along like some toy on a rope? When will this rope snap in half, so I can be free? Again I ask, what type of angel would take control for the pure joy of it all? What type of angel finds entertainment in watching a weak girl suffer from wanting the impossible? Obviously this angel. And soon, oh so soon, this angel will be mine once again. I will hold this angel's short attention span. It will be me. And only me.


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