3 girls with completely different pasts come together to realize a big secret. Something's very simalir in their family trees...A big question mark. This tells you about Lucillia Rose, Hayden Senni and Misty LoveLock Learn there story in the following chapters.


1. Lucy's intro

Dear mind, let's pretend I'm narrating again. I still wish I had a diary, writing right now, would be something. 

My headphones blast music into my ears, as I draw in my second hour study hall. The minutes were ticking by, and I had no homework. This of course, was normal. How would I have homework with such a needy aunt? She forces me to keep straight A's or she'd kick me out. I think, she forgot to take her happy pill, but maybe she just ODs on anti-optimism. I finish my drawing, as the bell decides to ring, and the song ends. I knew what came next.

You got me shaking from the way you're talking

I grab my history book, my black leather purse, and stuff my phone in my pocket, the headphones were long enough to go from phone to ear, while stuffed in my Jacket. 

My heart is breaking but there's no use crying.
I let my lips move along to the words, whispering along, as I walk down the hallway, unnoticed. 
What a cyanide surprise, you have left for my eyes.

I turn the corner, and fix the purple in my hair. The bangs enjoyed falling right over my left eye. When I wasn't wearing contacts, my eyes were literally a pink color. Don't think I like pink if anything, because it's a color for a stupid Lolita. Maybe that's a bit ironic though...

If I had common sense I'd cut myself or curl up and die

By now, I'm walking passed the vending machines, wishing to have a dollar...What I wouldn't give for some chips right now. 

Sticks and stones could break my bones but

"Lucillia, please remove your headphones." My annoying teacher ordered. My name, is Lucy. 

Anything you say can only fuel my lungs.

A/N- Lyrics to Get Scared's  Sarcasm. 

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