3 girls with completely different pasts come together to realize a big secret. Something's very simalir in their family trees...A big question mark. This tells you about Lucillia Rose, Hayden Senni and Misty LoveLock Learn there story in the following chapters.


6. It's Mist not Misty

I got paired up with Lucy for our stupid history project ohh great I thought... I'm paired with the purple headed rich loner freak in our school this will be a blast... Well at least it's better then every other kid in this school.... I say Hey to break the silence then ask her if she's got an idea she says nothing so to keep my anger down I start tapping my pen all the sudden I here her count....1...2...3...4..5...6...7 I stop as soon as she gets to seven I got relly pissed of at her conting pluse seven is a cool number then she starts saying  I like the number 7. It's not perfect like 8's symmetrical issue, and doesn't try too hard to be an 8, like a 6 does. 7 is middle ground. Maybe our object should focus on 7, but 7 what?! Sides! That's it! She takes my pen quickly I give her a very annoyed glare but she continues to draw. A pentagram suddenly was perfectly crafted on her left hand. Then she says how about a pentagram I just agree cuze I could careless on what we do. Then the teacher started to pass out playing cards I pick up mine and look at it 6 of clubs... I look over to Lucy and ask her what she got on hers she said 6 of hearts. I told her mine. All the sudden I looked at Lucy she was not looking normal she zoned out so I put my hand on her and all I saw was a girl screaming HE TOLD ME TO!!!! I saw a guy leving the Scean nowone her and of course me noticing him... The girl reaching out for him but nowone noticing the nurse,principal and history teacher all had to come to restrain her. Her mother came and got her... Why do I seem to remember this sad moment yet I don't remember the girl I remember the guy I looked at him befor but why don't I remember the girl??? Why the memory faded I took my hand off of Lucy's hand she still in the memory or In a diffrent one idk I'll have to ask her latter. Lucy finnaly came back she said hey Misty i can't do the report.. Why? I ask thinking I don't wanna do this report all by my self I don't even wanna do it she think she can get outta it this fast she is wrong... Then she says becuse he told me to! I start to laugh knowing she is trying to mock somewone but I just don't wanna deal with her giving me crap to I mean I have to put up with her for this whoule project right???? I go back into my thoughts agin thinking on how my friends Jake,James,and Luna are doin I haven spend time with them sence saterday I can't wait to hang with them tonight (and yes they are goth like me). We are goin to go to Jakes house and go chill thare for a bit I don't see them much cuze they don't go to the school here they go to school I the next town over.. I took out my phone quickly and texted Luna that I was brinnging somewone with me to hang with us tonight. Then I looked at Lucy and said to her in a stern voice, met me by the vending machines after school got it? Ohh and don't call me Misty call me Mist...  

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