3 girls with completely different pasts come together to realize a big secret. Something's very simalir in their family trees...A big question mark. This tells you about Lucillia Rose, Hayden Senni and Misty LoveLock Learn there story in the following chapters.


11. Her butler, Forshadowing (Lucy :3)

I Tell my aunt I ate with friends. This is a lie for a couple of reasons. 
1. I didn't eat.
2. I don't have friends. 
Either way it doesn't matter, I don't want to eat. Not today. I walk into my room, and simply log in to netflix on my laptop. I have the weirdest desire to re-watch Black Butler...Maybe because of the history project. I watch the familiar intro scene, then pause and go back. No...These I've seen too much, I've read this for crying outloud, I need something entertaining, confusing, shocking even...I play Season 2. 
"Lucillia! Are you still awake?! 11:00 on a school night?! Go to bed!" My aunt yells.
"Yes, Your Highness." I yawn the phrase. I loved Alois. Even if he's dead, he was an evil mastermind. I've always loved the villain more then the hero, they have complicated dramatic emotional pasts, and a fandom of their own sometimes. (I'm thinking about you, Loki fans) Alois was so cheerful for a villain though, it made me love him more. I also love how he's compared to Ciel. They're opposites in a way. Mist reminds me of Ciel. She's so serious and doesn't act at all childlike. I'm the Alois to her Ciel, except I'm not obsessed with Booty Shorts. (No matter how cute they are, and if I have the Cosplay...I'm not obsessed) I think I have a problem with Claude though. He's the real villain! You can't...NO you can't abandon Alois, he has problems with that! You can't compare him to Ciel, who cares about Midnight?! I want my navy you golden demon! With a sigh, I slam shut my laptop, and lay down in the darkness. I can't sleep...
11:15? My phone turns on in the darkness, and I get a text. "Meet me @ Parland beach ASAP. -Mist"  I reply,
"Coolio, see ya there, I guess." I throw my jacket back on with my black pj pants and tank top. My hair is a total mess, and I'm not wearing makeup, but whatever, it's dark. I slip on my vans, no time for converses. Luckily, I didn't need to find a ride, because the beach was just down the rode. I walk in silence and in the back of my mind, I'm wondering how mad my aunt will be tomorrow. I'll just continue the "last minute project" story I did earlier. If she kicks me out, cool, I'll call Jane, my social worker. 
I walk from paved ground into the sand, and I notice a girl standing by the shore. She's holding a book in one hand. The book is being gripped tightly at her side. I look at her other hand, which appears to be holding a playing card. Her outfit seems dark, but...not heavy gothic like Mist. Her hair seemed to be...Dark red? It was hard to tell in the light. It was ut uniformly, and was extremely long. She turns around, and I'm staring at Hayden Senni. The crazy girl. Behind me, I hear a truck parking, that must be Mist and her friends. Hayden is staring at my hand. I look to see it's the hand with the pentagram, from earlier. 
"Hello..." I say and she blinks.
"He said they'd come." 
"Who is he?" She looked shocked.
"You don't know?" She shakes, tears in the corners of her eyes. The strangest things are noticeable in the dark.
"No?" I say and then, her dark eyes, turn bright despite the lighting around her. They glow red.
"Father only wanted to visit his daughters!" She screams in a voice so dark and gargled. 
"I don't have a father." I say numbly. 
All the sudden Mist yells out loud "who ever the hell he is he said my friends could be here so leave them alone"
I looked over to see Mist running crying right into Jake's arms then Luna and James hug her she mumbles something to them. I look over to see James looking back at crazy Hayden giving her dirty looks. I wondered why Mist was crying I mean she's got friends,family,and parents then it hit me she only started crying when Hayden said father. 
It hit me right then and there...
"Hayden?"  I asked. I heard her ask what? Without even talking. I was shaken beyond belief. 
Are my mind?  I ask and I feel it. A dark presence in my head.
Yes. He's here too. Will you listen?
We have to help Mist! There's no time to be psychotic, she's really upset!
Don't you hate her. She doesn't want to be your friend.
I still will try to help.
...Hayden? I have no idea.
She follows behind me, as I approach Mist. James tries to make me leave but I stay, and see the dark make up running down her face. Only a half hour ago, I was comparing her to Ciel Phantomhive. I didn't see it anymore. 
"Mist..." I muttered apologetically, everything happened so fast. She continued crying and I feel the darkness in my mind growing, and I feel as if Mist knows this, can she feel it too? Her sobbing turns to soft, silent tears as she catches her breath. Maybe I was Ciel....I was the one talking to Hayden. I was the one who asked, so maybe it's my fault. I did this...Now she, Alois, is crying. 

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