3 girls with completely different pasts come together to realize a big secret. Something's very simalir in their family trees...A big question mark. This tells you about Lucillia Rose, Hayden Senni and Misty LoveLock Learn there story in the following chapters.


2. Hayden's info

Day 1
Dear diary,
Hi, my name is Hayden Senni. I have long, dark, black hair. I tend to wear a lot of black. Some of you may call me goth. When really I'm super sweet. So yeah. I am happy to introduce myself to you as well. He told me I need to keep a diary. I am not sure why. I think he said it was to keep my progress up. But I don't understand what he means by progress. I suppose you want to know who 'he' is huh? We'll you'll find that out soon enough. I was told to keep it a secret. He might get mad if I say. I mean after all, he's like a daddy to me. I have known him for the longest time.... Probably since I can remember. So yeah. That  all I have to say for now. He's calling, I must go.

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