3 girls with completely different pasts come together to realize a big secret. Something's very simalir in their family trees...A big question mark. This tells you about Lucillia Rose, Hayden Senni and Misty LoveLock Learn there story in the following chapters.


12. 11:57 (we sha'll wait)

Jake's truck finnaly pulled up into the parking lot we saw Lucy there and some other chick there.I start walking towards Lucy and the other chick having Jake,James,and Luna follow behind me. As I got closer I heard the other girl chick say "he said they would come." " Who's he?"  Luna asked the chick looked shock she said "you dont know?" She then 
Hey Misty do you know who he is? 
Do you know who I am?
 I looked at her as she talked she wasn't moving her mouth when she talked when she finished her scentance all I did was shake my head no. Then she screams In a very dark and garbled voice "Father only wanted to visit his daughters!" As soon as she said that my heart dropped. I yelled out right before going into tears "who ever the hell is he?!"said my friends could be here so leave them alone. I started crying because I couldn't hold the tears back anymore I ran into Jake's arms which he left wide open as soon as he saw me crying. Luna and James came right behind me and hugged me I said to them "guys she's talking about fathers and and....."I didn't Finish my sentence 'cause I started crying badly Jake just said this "we know we know" after a little bit of silence Lucy comes over to me and James tries to stop her but she stays here all she says is "Mist" I look over to her then I ask my friends if I could talk to her in the truck I grab her by the arm and she follows me. I ask"Lucy what's going on?" She replys "I don't know" then asks me "what time it is I tell her 11:57" then I look at her with the widest eyes ever and say "he'll be here soon." I wipe my eyes and get outta the truck. I start running towards the chick that I haven't discovered her name yet. I say "hi I know you know my name but wat the hell is your name?" she says "my name is Hayden and he's near..."

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