Lou and I

*larry fanfic* You know their names not their stories. What happens behind closed doors has never been revealed. Until now.


1. The Beginning

Louis POV:

3 years ago.

I'm going to a new school. My other school had so many bullies I couldn't even focus. On anything. I came out of the closet as the only gay guy at my school. I guess that's why I had to move too.

I walk into the hallway and immediately go to the office to get my schedule. The office lady's name tag read Yolanda. "Hello, I'm Louis a new student here." I politely said.

"Harry! Come show Louis around."

I turned to see a beautiful boy. Emerald green eyes. Curls for days. An extravagant smile.

"Here's your schedule. Enjoy your first day at Cheshire Academy."

"Thanks." I mumbled.

We walked out of the office together. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was just so damn perfect.

"Hi. I'm Louis." I said breaking the silence.

"Harry." He said bluntly.

"Does he not like me?" I said aloud by accident

"It's just. You're doing crazy things to me, Lou. I can call you that right?" He seemed somewhat nervous. Maybe he's gay too!

"That's great." I smiled.

"Amanda, babe!" He yelled and I turned my head to see some blonde in the hallway. Guess I spoke too soon.

"Hey, baby." She said and kissed him.

I shuffled uncomfortably on my feet causing them to pull away.

"If I didn't know better, I would say that was a pretty gay thing to do." She said laughing.

"What's wrong with being gay?" I said holding back tears.

"Everything." She said

"Why?" I said nearly punching the shit out of her.

"Oh my gosh Harry! He is gay!" She said laughing.

"Yep. Bye, babe. Love you." He said.

"Bye!" She said and shoved me.

"Can I see your schedule?" Harry asked.

I handed it to him and our fingers touched. A blast of pure amazingness went through me. I'm sure he felt it too when he shivered.

I smiled to myself.

"We have all the same classes!" He exclaimed.

The bell rung and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down the hall.

After class we had lunch. I knew Harry would sit with jocks and such so I tried finding another place to sit. "Lou!" Harry's angelic voice called. I turned to see him by 3 other boys. They were all quite hot. But Harry had the lead by far.

I sat down next to Harry and felt his hand on my back "This is Louis, lads."

"Hey! I'm Zayn. "Liam!" "Niall!" They all greeted me.

"Hi." I replied with a smile.

"I'm pretty sure he's gay." My heart dropped.

"Just like us?" Zayn said. My face lit up like a fucking neon sign.

"Are you really gay?" Niall said.

I nodded my head. Smiling like an idiot.

"Cool." They said in unison.

"If I may ask. Why did you and that girl kiss and stuff if you're gay, Harry?"

"Oh. I'm not gay." Harry burst out laughing.

"Well that's fucking great." I mumbled.

Harry handed me a piece of paper.

I said I wasn't gay, that doesn't mean I'm not bi. ;) -H

"Give me your phone." He instructed. I gulped and held out my hand

He typed something then handed it back to me.

It was his number.

"Let's get to class." He smiled.

That's the day I met my forever.

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