Lou and I

*larry fanfic* You know their names not their stories. What happens behind closed doors has never been revealed. Until now.


3. My Idiot.

Harry's POV:

I woke up with Louis in my arms. He looked so peaceful and beautiful. Harry! You have a girlfriend I scolded myself. I checked my phone.

I had 16 notifications. All but 2 were from Amanda.

"Bitch." I mumbled.

"H, babe. Is that y-" I interrupted him, "Babe? What the bloody fucking hell?!"

"I just thought since last-st night. You know, what happened, And you kissed me-" I cut him off yet again, "We kissed! Amanda's going to kill me..."

"You dumped her..." He quietly said, voice cracking.

"What? We had been dating for 3 years. Why would I do that?"

"You said love does crazy things to people."

"Love? That's what that feeling was. Love. I love you, Louis." I said emphasizing the word you.

"Yeah. I love you, too."

"Please. Don't say too. It makes me think you're agreeing with me."

"Okay, baby, I love you."

And he padded over into my arms kissing me. Louis is mine now. Mine. I like the sound of that.

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