Our Book of Shadows

A witch mother is captures by a bible bashing witch hunter and is to be put to death on a wooden stake. Now, her daughter and best friend do everything they can to find and save her with help from the spirit of Abigail Powell the daughter of a witch from 100's of years ago.


2. Chapter 2

As the day went by her legs were starting to feel better. She had been stressing about why or how this had happened to her. Realizing the time, she headed to the pantry, the kids would be home from school soon and she hadn’t even thought about dinner. No sooner had she decided on lasagna, she heard the school bus. Her teenage son, Joseph, walked in the door in an out of character, good mood. “What or who put that smile on your face?” she asked. He replied with, “I met a girl… and I think she likes me.” “That’s good, what’s her name?” she asked. “Paige” he said with a longing tone in his voice. He then continued to talk about the girl, his mother tried to give him her full attention even though her mind was somewhere else. Joseph then realized his mother had a distracted look on her face. “Are you o–” “I need your help with something.” She abruptly interrupted him. Pulling down the latter to the attic, she’s describing the wooden chest to him. It is too large and heavy for her to get down alone. He is searching through the small, dark and dusty crawl space, until finally at the back is a very old carved chest. After much struggle getting it down and moved into her bedroom her daughter arrives home from school. Then she realizes that her research will have to wait. After going through the standard evening routine the kids have finally gone to sleep. She puts the dogs in their beds, so now she can begin her search for an explanation. Flipping through Books of Shadows from her ancestors, dating back hundreds of years, she starts to notice patterns. Many of the witches in her family have written about dreams. In them were messages, advice, answers, and warnings. Some even claim to have received unknown information from passed generations through their dreams. After many hours she is fighting to stay awake. However, her eyes become heavy and she cannot help but fall asleep surrounded by open books. She wakes to the feeling of a sharp pain in her neck. As she struggles to open her eyes, she realizes there are several strange people in her bedroom. As she tries to scream for help she is overcome by a surreal sensation. She can feel her heart racing from fear, but slowly loses consciousness. It is dark and cold, her surroundings make her feel claustrophobic. It is dead silent and she doesn’t know where she is. Then all of a sudden she hears a small, faint, shaky female voice say, “Is anyone there?” She doesn’t make a sound as she is afraid of what will come next.
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