Our Book of Shadows

A witch mother is captures by a bible bashing witch hunter and is to be put to death on a wooden stake. Now, her daughter and best friend do everything they can to find and save her with help from the spirit of Abigail Powell the daughter of a witch from 100's of years ago.


1. Chapter 1

She startled awake, breathing heavily, sitting straight up, amongst sheets soaked in cold sweat. Her handgrabbed at the table for a light switch. “It wasn’t real… Itwasn’t real…” she continued to repeat to herself. It wasso vivid, that she came to the realization it may havebeen a memory. Not hers however, a memory ofsomeone who lived long ago. Of someone who died longago… The heat from the fire was so extreme; she sworeshe could still feel the pain. She questioned if she wasstill asleep, when lifting back the covers the air hittingher legs intensified this feeling. When she looked downshe became confused, her feet and legs were covered inblisters and burns. “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!” shescreamed. She sat at the table in the kitchen drinking her tea,trying to find the courage to apply the homeopathicointment to treat the burns. A Mixture she put together made of; aloe, spearmint, chamomile, tea tree oil, andwitch hazel. She applies it with softened plantain leaves, whensuddenly her dogs bark. The kind of bark that alerts herthat someone is outside. She rises from her seat thenheads to the front door and halfway there, the doorbellrings. She has learnt to trust her Familiars. As sheapproaches the door she can see through the glass, shehangs her head and sighs, she recognizes the personwaiting for her. She opens the door and says, “Hey Sam, how can Ihelp you?” “I have a question!” he said very bluntly.“What is that?” he said pointing. She followed thedirection of his finger, and simply responded in an almostsarcastic tone. “A broom…” He asked, “What do you useit for?” She knew the point he way trying to make, but ifhe was going to play this game, she was going to playalong. He was referring to the fact that the old strawbroom was upside down and leaning against thedoorframe. “Sweeping”, she responded. “Is thereanything else I can help you with Sam?” He stood quietly thinking. “If there is nothing else I have things to do.” Shesaid politely. “Bye Sam” as she closed the door. He had always been one of those nosy neighbors,gossiping to her about everyone else who lived on theirstreet. She knew he was becoming suspicious aboutcertain things she did.
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