The Survivors

In a world where Zombies have taken over a small group of Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division try to save the last of the survivors that are alive in a zombified world. Once the entire Airborne got away from land and boarded a ship that belonged to his friend Lt. Jimenez did they escape or are they to meet there doom on land.........
Tune to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7. Chapter 7: Only Human

So far we are going to need to modify our primiter and we got a cop that just came in and i asked for his name and he said:

Oscar Bravo-Ramon: " I am a cop and i feel like a boss right now since i found this place"

David Salinas: "Well welcome to Salinasville we treat people with respect and i am the mayor of this city which is located underneath the cabin"

Oscar Bravo-Ramon: " Thanks mayor salinas for by such a badass"

David Salinas: " Well your welcome and do not think that it will be wise to use foul langange amonst people because there are children here that look up to you as a mentor"

Oscar Bravo-Ramon: " fuck that man i like using foul langage to express myself in this world"

As the days pass it did not take long for our guest to settle in after all i did hit him a couple times so that i could knock some sense into him but then again that's just how we get along.

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