The Survivors

In a world where Zombies have taken over a small group of Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division try to save the last of the survivors that are alive in a zombified world. Once the entire Airborne got away from land and boarded a ship that belonged to his friend Lt. Jimenez did they escape or are they to meet there doom on land.........
Tune to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Chapter 4: Little mix Saved!!!!!!!!

As i ran to where their last transmission was coming from that's when i was already in there hotel room but once i landed in and i got up i got hit in the head by Jade by a frying pan straight to the head although i am a soldier that really hurt and i literally said

"Ow, that hurt you know, by the way i am not a zombie"

"oh my i am terribly sorry about the hit i thought you were on of those creatures",

"jeez thanks a lot man my head is pounding where's Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jade this was there last transmission"

"well i am jade and the others are out scavenging for food but there's a lot of them out there i do not think they would make it back"

that's when the door busted open and the girls where screaming at the top of their lungs they were so freaked out i couldn't believe that perrie was so scared of the zombies but then again i have killed 50,000 in California,

Perrie: "shut the door before they come in hurry jesy!!!!!!!!!!!!",

David: "Well they are still going to come up here because ypu guys probably killed them while making a lot of noise am i right",

Perrie: "Who are you and how did you get in here are you on of those creatures outside"

David: "I am a General Major four star and i am here to take you back to my plane that is at the air port and we need to hurry before the zombies over run the air field",

that's when we all ran and my convoy came in time and saved our asses because there were too many walkers coming after us because i started shooting them with my mini gun so that we could have a clear path to the air field. So far i believe that's every one until another transmission comes in and it is my best friend Caesar Contreas and now i have to go and save him from a horde of zombies with janet and valentina so that we can save caesar from this horde that is going to over run his position. 

Janet: "damn it david i told you he was here we should have looked for him first instead of those four girls"

David: "How dare you say that my mission was to save little mix and check for survivors unfortunately i did not have any time because there was a massive horde on my ass"

Valentina: "Uh, brother look behind you there is a zeke behind you"

david: " don't be ridiculous there is no zeke behind me unless it is caesar because he is trying to scare you"

Caesar: " Damn i thought it was going to work"

david: "If it had worked you would not have been standing here right now you would be on the floor and you would have a bullet in the head"

Denise on radio: " Eagle come in the air field is about to be overrun we need you back here right now this instance"

David: " Roger, denise just hold them a lit bit longer i shall be on my way"

Denise: "Copy, Eagle one"

Caesar: "Looks like you have been pretty busy am i right david"

David:"Well i found a lot of survivors in L.A. and i can not just leave them to fend for themselves now Caesar"

as the days went by we finally made it back to the plane and found a massive horde bodies surrounding the plane so we all pitched in and moved the bodies then burned them so that we could get the plane off the ground and head back to L.A. in one piece.

This is Caesar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the days that followed we finally reached sanctuary plus it has multiple towers and a main cabin but it is much bigger on the inside, but underneath the cabin there is a secret bunker that is protected by auto-turrets and towers that protect the survivors that are staying at my house.

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