The Survivors

In a world where Zombies have taken over a small group of Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division try to save the last of the survivors that are alive in a zombified world. Once the entire Airborne got away from land and boarded a ship that belonged to his friend Lt. Jimenez did they escape or are they to meet there doom on land.........
Tune to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13. Chapter 13: Try A Little Tenderness

Once we returned Jade and Shae came out and started kissing me but yet i was in love with both these girls and plus shae converted jade into a bisexual yet she stays true to me but jade refuses to kiss shae sometimes but i try not to get involved with my lovers because this is a worse place to be around each other yet i always play a little of Ottis Redding which sets the mood for all of us yet we must get our own House yet i just found this manor further in the woods but it is abandon which means we could inhabit the place so we could have some fun with each other in this mansion.







As we approached the mansion there where no lights on plus there was no one in the house because the door was opened as i approached cautiously to the manor to explore inside the marvelous manor yet on the inside was very nice there were no Walkers there so that's when i went outside and told my lovers to come on inside because it is all clear as we checked all the floors plus we decided to scan the entire house by splitting up in groups but as we did this we started encountering small hordes of zombies through out the entire house.

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