The Survivors

In a world where Zombies have taken over a small group of Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division try to save the last of the survivors that are alive in a zombified world. Once the entire Airborne got away from land and boarded a ship that belonged to his friend Lt. Jimenez did they escape or are they to meet there doom on land.........
Tune to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12. Chapter 12: The Destroyer!!!!!!!

As my group began clearing out the buildings at long beach that's when we found a destroyer stationed a couple of yards away from the shore but there was a lot of damage on the shore by it's guns and it came out very awesome but the destroyer is named U.S.S. BlackRose that's when i became aware of what is going on around the destroyer and we must get the survivors of salinas vile to safety where they can be safe from all these zombies here in america. As we started approaching land that's when every one spotted a zombie horde heading our way that's when i ordered every one to fire at the zombie horde with little effect until the ship guns fired exactly at our target there was nothing left of the zombie horde.

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