Dearest Friend

Slight TW.


1. Dearest Friend

Dearest friend, please don’t hurt yourself,
I’d hate to see such a pretty face
Become crumpled, broken and tear-stained
After hours and hours of smiles
And delightful laughter. 
You go from a thousand miles an hour
To a hollow smile in a second flat,
But only when you’re alone.
It’d be a shame for one to witness
Such distress, but another thing entirely
To experience it. Loneliness, they say,
Is the cause of all sadness
And if it’s true, then let me say this;
You are not alone.
I will happily sit up at night
Just so you can rant about 
Someone doing something somewhere,
Because I’d listen to anything 
If it’s said in your voice. 
And I would trace my hands
Over yours if they shook,
Just to help you be stable.
You have to begin to comprehend
That there are more people here for you
Than there will ever be against you,
And we all want you to be okay. 
You’re our beautiful friend,
And if you were to even begin
To doubt my words, love,
I swear to god I will write this poem
On your wrists in permanent ink
A hundred times over if it would help
Stop you taking a blade to your porcelain skin. 
I’ve seen you plead to others to stop;
Now I’m pleading to you; stop. 
Stop slicing your own skin, the only release
It will ever give you is of blood,
The only pain it will stop is that of 
Medicine companies thriving off of
Depressed teens and suicidal adults. 
You created an addiction to being in pain,
But we haven’t. And what you’re doing is causing us pain, too.

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