What if ghosts were real?

You know that feeling when you're about to fall but you suddenly regain ballance? Or when you're taking a test and you don't remember an answer but then it suddenly comes to your mind? Or that fuzzy feeling when your head touches your pillow and you're about to fall asleep?

What if all those things are created by a ghost? A good one.

Maybe you were supposed to fall but a ghost helped you regain your ballance, maybe when you suddenly remember the answer its actually a ghost whispering the answer to you, maybe that warm fuzzy feeling when you're about to fall asleep is a ghost kissing you on the cheek wishing you goodnight.

What if a ghost was in love with you?


1. Prologue

I love her.


Her smile, her pink lips, her brown eyes, beautiful black hair, her personality... her.


I love when she furrows her eyebrows to concentrate, or when she bites her lip when she's

nervous, or when she laughs in awkward situations.


Sadly she doesn't know my name, or even my existance.


Again it wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't dead... But I am.


My name's Adam, I'm a ghost, and I'm in love with a human.


I know it's wrong, and it just can't be, but I love her.


I used to have brown hair, hazel eyes... I was good looking.


I also was very strong, I had a six pack, muscles, I was tanned.


Now... I'm a plain old ghost.


Not to sound stalkerish but I've been watching her for a very long time now. I was shot, and

died obviously. I was actually about to meet up with my crush so we could go on a date and

someone shot me four times, my parents suffered a lot and decided to sell the house to her

family so they wouldn't feel so sad seeing my empty room.


They don't know I'm still with them.


Normaly I would just sit around with her and just watch her every move... yeah that sounded



Well what am I supposed to do? I'm dead! There's not much to do in the afterlife.


Anyway, lately I've been spending more time with her than with my parents but it's because

she's a bit clumsy. I normally help her with that, I catch her when she falls, or when she's about

to break something I pick it up, or even closing her locker without getting her sweater stuck



Just little things that can help her with.


Her name's Scarlet. She's 17 and loves music.


She's smart and pretty and kind and has an awesome personality.


And... she also has a boyfriend.


He's name's Steve. He's the most disgusting person I've ever seen, the problem is Scarlet

doesn't see it.


Scarlet is not like normal girls, she never wears pink or any other bright color, she only wears

black, grey, red, blue, purple, etc.


She likes being alone and reading, she hates going shopping and loves to go on Tumblr. She

isn't good at sports but her singing is beautiful and she's very artistic.


She's really sweet but she's also sassy and if she doesn't like you she's really mean.


Yeah, that's my Scarlet. Well not my Scarlet...


That's why I say Steve isn't good for her. He's an ass and rude, he doesn't know how to

respect. In fact, he has been cheating on her for a few months now. I would've told her if it

wasn't for the fact that I'm dead...


So yeah... that is pretty much my life...


Or should I say... my death.




Okay so the beginning of the story is kinda boring but I promise it gets better.


Just keep reading.


Also I was saving this story and was not posting it but my friends told me to so yeah.


Bye lovelies!


Btw this book is also on Wattpad



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