What if ghosts were real?

You know that feeling when you're about to fall but you suddenly regain ballance? Or when you're taking a test and you don't remember an answer but then it suddenly comes to your mind? Or that fuzzy feeling when your head touches your pillow and you're about to fall asleep?

What if all those things are created by a ghost? A good one.

Maybe you were supposed to fall but a ghost helped you regain your ballance, maybe when you suddenly remember the answer its actually a ghost whispering the answer to you, maybe that warm fuzzy feeling when you're about to fall asleep is a ghost kissing you on the cheek wishing you goodnight.

What if a ghost was in love with you?


9. Chapter 8

"You should come to school with me. Would be fun.", Scarlet says.


"School? Fun? God Scarlet is something wrong with you?", I mock her.


"Shut up.", she laughs. "I'm saying it would be fun to hang out with you there. And for you to

meet my school."


"Yeah... About that... I've already seen your school multiple times.", I say.


"You really are a stalker aren't you?", she says.


"Kind of. And you are a weirdo.", I say.


"But you like me anyways.", She says and makes a cupcake face.




"Yeah I do."




You know, I only remember the day I died.


I don't remember my parents I only saw them crying over my grave, my mom repeating the

same words over and over again.


'My baby! My baby!'


It was then I knew she was my mom.


So I studied them and I was right. It was like a new life.


Except, I was dead.


But I don't remember anything about my life.


And as we walk to the gates of Scarlet's school I couldn't stop wondering.


Did I go to school here?


Was I friends with any of these people?


Was I a good student?


It's horrible not knowing anything but I guess that's the price.


I don't know about other ghosts though. I believe when I finally get to heaven I will get all my

memories back.


But since some souls don't become ghosts and go straight to heaven, do they take their

memories away?


I guess I will find out.


That's what I'm scared of the most, of Scarlet not remembering me. Of her not knowing who I

am once the time comes.


"Adam!", Scarlet whisper shouts.


"Mhm...", I answer.


"I've called your name four times! Is something wrong?"


I think about telling her for a moment, but I don't want her to worry.


"I'm fine.", I say.


'I'm fine' the most used lie ever. If you ever hear someone say 'I'm fine' they're not fine, and

Scarlet seems to notice, but she doesn't say anything,


We walk past the lockers, every student has something on their locker, there's a boy with a

poster that says 'Sorry Mom', of course. There's a girl with a teddy bear and lots of love notes

stuck to her locker, there's another girl with the picture of a boy.


I take a closer look to take a better look at the boy.


"Adam what are you doing?", Scarlet whispers.


I take a closer look and cannot believe my eyes.


"It's me.", I say.


"What are you talking about?", Scarlet whispers.


I stay silent for a while but finally manage to speak.


"That's a picture of me."

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