What if ghosts were real?

You know that feeling when you're about to fall but you suddenly regain ballance? Or when you're taking a test and you don't remember an answer but then it suddenly comes to your mind? Or that fuzzy feeling when your head touches your pillow and you're about to fall asleep?

What if all those things are created by a ghost? A good one.

Maybe you were supposed to fall but a ghost helped you regain your ballance, maybe when you suddenly remember the answer its actually a ghost whispering the answer to you, maybe that warm fuzzy feeling when you're about to fall asleep is a ghost kissing you on the cheek wishing you goodnight.

What if a ghost was in love with you?


7. Chapter 6

We walk through Scarlet's bedroom door and she lays on the bed.


She finally got out of the hospital, I stayed with her all the time, we talked and laughed. I can't

believe this is actually happening.


I never told her that I loved her though, it's a little bit harder than I expected.


She looks at me and pats a spot for me to sit near her. So I sit.


"You know you don't have to stay here right?", she asks.


"Oh don't worry, I'm used to it."


"Okay... So Adam. Wanna watch a movie?", she asks.


"If it's The Notebook I'm out.", I say.


She laughs.


"Fine.", She says. "How about Friends?"


"That's not a movie."


"No but I'm obsessed with the show! I can't believe it's been about ten years and it still has lots

of fans!"


"I know.", I say. "It was my favorite show when I was alive."


"Really?", she asks. "What's your favorite part?"


"Probably when Ross says him and Rachel were on a break."


"Oh God I remember that! It was so funny!", she says and laughs.


"What's your favorite part?", I ask.


"When the cat attacks Ross in the terrace and everyone's just singing inside and he keeps

running in the back."


I laugh remembering that moment.




She puts the DVD in and presses play.




One season and four chapters later.


It is now 7:30 pm, and I'm not planning on leaving Scarlet's side.


I cuddle closer to her and she doesn't even flinch. Then I place my arm around her but it just

goes through her.


I sigh.


"Why is this so hard?", I say.


"What's so hard?"


Shit! I forgot she can hear me now!




"Adam...", she says.




"Did you... Have you... seen me naked?"


"Ha! I wish!", I say.


She turns to me and raises an eyebrow.


"No! That's not what I meant! Not that I wouldn't like to see you naked but- wait no! I mean-"


"You're such a weirdo.", she says.


"Everybody's weird, there're just some people who like to act like they're normal."


We stay silent, probably waiting for the other one to speak.


"Scarlet.", I break the silence.


"Yeah.", she says and turns to me.


Out eyes meet. I'd never seen her eyes like this. They're brown but they also have a bit of gray

and green in them.


"Wow.", I say.




"You just have such beautiful eyes.", I say.


She laughs nervously.


"Thanks.", she says.


We stay like this for a while when I start leaning in.


Stop! This is such a bad idea! She just broke up with Steve!


But I couldn't stop myself.


I fully leaned in and was about to kiss her but my body went through hers.


"Really!?", I shout. "I've been waiting for this quite a while now!"


"Waiting for what?", she asks.


"Um... Nothing."


"Really?", she asks.


"I'd rather not talk about it."

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