What if ghosts were real?

You know that feeling when you're about to fall but you suddenly regain ballance? Or when you're taking a test and you don't remember an answer but then it suddenly comes to your mind? Or that fuzzy feeling when your head touches your pillow and you're about to fall asleep?

What if all those things are created by a ghost? A good one.

Maybe you were supposed to fall but a ghost helped you regain your ballance, maybe when you suddenly remember the answer its actually a ghost whispering the answer to you, maybe that warm fuzzy feeling when you're about to fall asleep is a ghost kissing you on the cheek wishing you goodnight.

What if a ghost was in love with you?


5. Chapter 4

"How could you Steve!? I thought you loved me!", Scarlet shouts at her now ex-boyfriend



I shouldn't be happy they broke up, but I am. He wasn't good for her, she needs someone



"Loved. See that's a verb in past tense.", Steve answers.


"That's it!", I say and try to punch him but my hand just goes through him.


"Fuck being a ghost! I can't even punch someone!", I yell.


"Goodbye Steve.", Scarlet says and walks away.




It's been 3 hours and Scarlet's still in bed.


"Scarlet, don't worry. I warned you, it's just that you couldn't see or listen me."


"I'm going out.", she says.


"Then I'm coming with you."


She looks a mess, her hair isn't even brushed and she's in her pants.


She goes downstairs, me following, and writes a note saying:




I'm going out but I'll be back for dinner.






"Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats!", the radio sings.


Scarlet turns it off and keeps driving.


This is a really awkward car ride, no music, no conversation, not that there ever was one but



"How could I be so stupid?", Scarlet says.


"Yeah, how could you? It was obvious. No offense."


Suddenly her cellphone dings.


She picks it up and writes an answer.


I turn around and see two lights coming at us.


"Scarlet...", I say.


She just keeps texting.




She looks and sees the bus. We both scream but that doesn't stop the accident from



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