What if ghosts were real?

You know that feeling when you're about to fall but you suddenly regain ballance? Or when you're taking a test and you don't remember an answer but then it suddenly comes to your mind? Or that fuzzy feeling when your head touches your pillow and you're about to fall asleep?

What if all those things are created by a ghost? A good one.

Maybe you were supposed to fall but a ghost helped you regain your ballance, maybe when you suddenly remember the answer its actually a ghost whispering the answer to you, maybe that warm fuzzy feeling when you're about to fall asleep is a ghost kissing you on the cheek wishing you goodnight.

What if a ghost was in love with you?


4. Chapter 3

"Oh my god!", Casey, Scarlet's best friend yells.


I never understood why girls scream and squeal when they see each other... They act like they

haven't seen each other in years...


"We're gonna have such a blast tonight!", she says.


They're having a sleepover, an 'all girls' sleepover, but it's not gonna be 'all girls' since I'm

gonna be there.




"Look Carl!", Casey says and shows her a magazine.


So far the sleepover has been the most boring thing ever, they're not getting naked or anything

of the sort...


I have issues...


"Your type of guy?", Scarlet reads out loud.


Oh God...


"Blonde or brunette?", Casey asks.


"Blonde.", she says.




"Cute or dangerous?"






"Beach or fair?"




Ten questions later I realize I'm so not Scarlet's type.


That's a bummer...


I was hoping when she dies we can die happy together and never lose each other.


But reality ruined my life, that's never gonna happen! What was I thinking? After all this time

and I couldn't see it?


She will never love me back.


"Let's watch a movie!", Scarlet says.


"Please... it will take my mind off of things.", I say.


"Let's watch... The Notebook!"


Kill me now... Wait, you can't because I'm already dead!




"It wasn't over. It still isn't over", Ryan Gosling says.


Scarlet starts to tear up. I scoot closer to her and put my arm around her.


I trie drawing circles around her back but fail cause, I'm kind of a ghost.


"Shh... Don't cry.", I comfort her.


It hurts me to see her this way, even though she's crying for a movie.


"Hey.", she says. "Don't you feel someone's presence?"


I sit up in a jolt, can she actually feel me?


"No, I don't think so... Why?", Casey asks.


"Well, lately I've been feeling accompanied, before I used to feel alone but now I don't. It's like

an angel is watching..."


I smile.


An angel huh? I can deal with that.


"C'mon Scarlet! You don't actually believe in that!"


"I don't know... Maybe I do."


I smile. That kind of raised my hopes a little bit.


"That's my girl.", I say.

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