No turning back (justin bieber fanfiction)

What would do if you were given to opportunity to leave your home and become famous but Emily had that option she took it but had to leave very one behind what will happen when she meets Justin bieber


2. the interview

" so Emily I've heard you're quite the singer"

" I've been told that but I'm not too sure"

" oh don't doubt yourself honey" Ellen smiled at me

" aww you're too sweet"

" so you're from England am I right"

" yeah"

" now then you don't sound like your from the south of England where a puts are you from"

" I'm from a city called Leeds it's in Yorkshire aka the farmers part of England but no body in my family is a farmer "

She laughed at the last part

" we'll I love your accent it's so cute"

" I hate my accent I sound really rough"

" oh you don't honey don't worry"

" thankyou"

"'So have you recorded anything yet."

" yeah actually we've been in the studio so much I've recorded like 4 songs already I'm really enjoying it and it's really fun because my uncle is working with me on the backing tracks"

" that sound great so who have you met so far in the industry"

" well yesterday I was introduced to Arians grande and I already love her she is so cute and funny and she is such an amazing person , and I've also met drake who I love to be honest I love his music and he's a great guy"

" good so who are you hoping to meet"

" I really want to meet Demi lavato she has been a huge inspiration to me"

" she is great gal so any guys you have your eye on"

" not particularly"

" what if you had to choose between zack Enron and Taylor lautner"

" ooo that's tough probably zack efron"

I giggled

She asked a few more questions until it got to personal stuff

" so how are you handle all the paparazzi have you really experienced that yet"

" yeah I have over the last couple of days and in all honesty it scares me because I'm tiny I'm really short and I'm clumsy and I just get so scared but I guess I will get used to it eventually" I smiled

" so I understand you came over here without your family"

" yeah I have a large family and it's all pretty split up and my parents had important things to do in England and didn't really want to move so I decided to move over here alone but my uncle ended up over here anyway "

" ah I understand"

She finished the interview soon after and I walked off stage

" that was great Emily you handled that well" scooter came up to me

I smiled

" that was so scary"

" you answered all the questions right and didn't make any mistakes it was great "

I thanked him and we left.

" so Emily since you're new and all that I wanna introduce you to a lot more people tomorrow I'm throwing a party at my place and you will be able to meet more people"

I smiled "that sounds great scooter"

" no I was wondering since when you left you were like a month away from all your exams do you wanna do them or not"

I thought about it

" no I actually don't I already have some qualifications I spent the last year not going to class anyway "

" ok then party starts at 7 tomorrow" I smiled and hugged him

" cya tomorrow" I got out of the car and went into my house

It was big and I was the only one in it

It was quote late so I showered and went to bed I fell into a deep sleep dreaming about my old life the life I hated.

A/n so first chapter dunno if it's too short but whatever I try ok don't hate

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