No More Straight For Curly

Do you ever dream being with someone who you know will never like you back? It's a horrible feeling but I just can't stop thinking about it. Well my name's Niall Horan and I have a crush on my best mate Harry Styles. The problem is he's straight. But don't worry, I've got that covered.


1. The Feels

Chapter 1

The Feels


Niall's POV


"...and that's how ended up with a pig on my bed.", Louis finished.


Everyone cracked up. Except me.


I actually wasn't paying attention, all I could think about was those green and beautiful... Well, everything.


Do you ever dream being with someone who you know will never like you back? It's a horrible feeling but I just can't stop thinking about it.


I'm Niall Horan, and I have a huge crush on my best mate, Harry Styles.


I know what you're thinking, Niall Horan?, THE Niall Horan gay?






But don't worry I'm not quite sure I'm gay. Sure, I have a crush on Harry but, I just don't see

myself completely gay. I don't know, maybe it's just me.


Anyway, back to reality. We were playing never have I ever and suddenly Louis thought it

would be fun telling us about his pig experience. But, I'm just not in the mood of talking. I can't

stop thinking about that perfect guy sitting in front of me laughing.


I think my feelings for Harry started a month ago. We were all tired and went to bed. When I fell

asleep I had a really weird dream about Harry and I getting married with two kids. Ever since I

couldn't stop thinking about it. Every time I walked close to Harry or touched him I felt

butterflies in my stomach.


Then I realized I really liked him. I thought my feelings were gonna fade away but they didn't.


"Niller?", Zayn knocked me out of my thoughts.


"How? When? What?", well that didn't came out like I expected.


"You were staring into space for at least one minute mate.", Liam continued.


One minute? Say something, say something.


"Oh.", nice one Niall.


"Niall are you okay?", Harry asked. He's so caring.


"Y-yeah. Guess I'm just tired.", I answered. "I'm going to bed."


"But it's only... four thirty.", Louis checked his watch.


"We'll I'm tired."


I went upstairs and laid in my bed just thinking. Instantly I fell asleep.




Liam's POV


"Well that was odd.", I said as Niall left the room.


"Yeah I know, I've never seen him like this.", Zayn said.


"I think someone is in love.", Louis said singing.


"Who with?", Harry asked.


"I don't know...", Louis said. "But I know I wanna find out."


"Nonononononono NOO.", I'm not gonna let that happen. Every time Louis comes up with a

plan we get in trouble.


"Why not? Daddy direction scared?", Zayn said and made a puppy face, then high fived Louis.


"You're so childish.", I rolled my eyes.


"Look who's talking Toy Story fan.", Harry responded. I didn't know he was into this.


"First of all Niall will tell us when he's ready and second; don't you dare insult Toy Story like

that again.", I was starting to get mad. "It is non of our business.", I hate being nosy.


"Is too. Niall is our best friend and we care for him right?", Louis said.


"Um...", I guess he had a point, but I still hate being nosy.


"Well I wanna find out.", Zayn said.


"Me too.", Louis and Harry said at the same time.


"Fine. But YOU guys find out. I was no part of this. Understand?", if I couldn't stop it better just

let them get in trouble.


"Yay!", they cheered.


Niall will not be expecting this.

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