No More Straight For Curly

Do you ever dream being with someone who you know will never like you back? It's a horrible feeling but I just can't stop thinking about it. Well my name's Niall Horan and I have a crush on my best mate Harry Styles. The problem is he's straight. But don't worry, I've got that covered.


2. Rhymes With May

Chapter 2


Rhymes With May




Zayn's POV


Niall and a girl sitting on a tree,



Niall has a crush! Well at least we think he has one. He's been acting really weird lately so that

must be it. He's always happy, more than usual, he always blushed when someone mentioned

something romantic.


I think it's cute how much he likes her, even if I don't know who she is.


"Well, I'm going to the kitchen. Don't get into too much trouble.", Liam said.


"No promises.", Louis responded with a wink. Liam just rolled his eyes. Harry and I turned to

look at Louis when he finally left.


"I might now how to make Niall tell us without him knowing he told us.", Louis said with a

creepy grin.


"So what's your plan?", I asked.




Niall's POV


I woke up to someone shouting for me to open the door. I looked at the clock, 9:45 pm. Slowly,

I walked to open the door, it was Harry.


"Hey there sleepy head.", he said.




"So I was wondering, well we were wondering what's up in that little head of yours. Lately

you've been acting... strange.", he said. He was up to something, I knew it.


"Nothing. Why?"


"Oh, just curious. May I come in?"




Harry nodded and sat in my bed. He patted near him so I went to sit down. But then he placed

his face in my shoulder, which was weird since he's taller but I didn't bother, it actually was a

good feeling.


We stayed like that for a while silenced. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was nice and



"Niall, you know you can tell me anything right?", Harry asked.


"Sure mate."


"Do you like a girl?", I froze. What am I supposed so say? I don't like a girl but I'm tired of hiding

all the time. I think it's time. They will understand, right?


"Harry, come here.", I stood up and pulled Harry. We went downstairs. The lads were all

watching a movie.


"Lads, I have something really important to tell you.", I was really nervous, my palms were

sweating and I felt nauseous.


"Sure.", Liam then paused the movie. They all looked at me for an answer.


"I- I'm gay."




Louis' POV


"I'm so bored.", Zayn said.


Harry hasn't come down yet and we're all really bored.


"How about we watch a movie?", I suggest. Everyone agrees on Dark Shadows.


It was just starting when Niall and Harry came back.


"Lads, I have something really important to tell you.", oh my God. I think my plan worked, for

once. Even though I had no plan.


"Sure.", Liam paused the movie. And we all turned to look at him for an answer.


This is it. He's telling us who his crush is. Our little Nialler is growing up.


"I- I'm gay.", he said. Wait, what?


Well this is awkward. I- we all thought he was gonna tell us I like this girl but... he's gay. I have

no words to tell him how proud I am of him.


"Hello? Earth to people.", Niall said. He's the only one who has spoken.


"I knew you wouldn't understand.", he said then stormed out the room with Liam following





Liam's POV


"Ni wait! We do understand!", I feel terrible . I should've said something, I was just surprised but

I still love him, as a friend of course.


When I got to his door it was locked. I tried opening it but it just wouldn't.


"Ni please.", I wanted to talk to him but he wouldn't let me. "Open this door, we need to talk."


He finally opened the door and I stepped in. He had tears in his eyes. I did the only thing I

thought of doing, give him a hug.


"I'm so sorry for not saying anything. I think I speak for us four we support you very much. I

really appreciate you telling us. You'll always be my best friend.", I said and looked into his



"Thank you Liam. Thank you so much.", he said. We hugged again and we stayed like that for

a couple of minutes.


"Do you wanna talk to the others?"






Niall's POV


I followed Liam downstairs where the lads were.


"Lads, do you wanna say something to Niall?", I waited for their answer.


Louis was the first one to stand up and hug me.


"I love you Ni. As a friend.", he whispered.


I felt tears coming. They actually accepted me. Zayn was next, he stood up and hugged me.


"I'm really proud of you Ni.", he said. We all looked at Harry. He stood up and gave me a really

really tight hug.


"You're so brave Ni. I'm proud of you.", he said.


Okay too tight.


"Can't. Breathe."


"Oh. Sorry mate.", he said letting me go and patted my shoulder.


"Thank you so much guys. You don't know how much this means to me.", I said. Now the tears

were rolling down my cheeks.


"Niall...", Zayn said and hugged me again, everyone joined our hug.


They actually accept me as I am.


"We're gonna remember this day forever.", Liam said.


He gabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down today's date.


May 1st

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