No More Straight For Curly

Do you ever dream being with someone who you know will never like you back? It's a horrible feeling but I just can't stop thinking about it. Well my name's Niall Horan and I have a crush on my best mate Harry Styles. The problem is he's straight. But don't worry, I've got that covered.


13. Realization

Chapter 13






Harry's POV


"Just follow me."


I was really confused but at the same time exited.


Liam grabbed my hand and took me to a park. A park I've never seen before in my life.


As we got closer I could see a picnic.


"Liam, are we gonna eat here?", I asked when we got there.


"Not me.", he said.


"What do you mean not...", I couldn't finish my sentence because Liam was already running



I decided to sit. If no one was gonna eat with me I better enjoy it. I started looking at the food,

all of my favorite foods lied there on a plate.


I started serving salad into my plate when I heard footsteps. I turned around to see the most

beautiful person in the universe... wait, NO!


"Now don't you start eating without me.", Niall said as he got closer.


He looked hot!- Stop it brain! I'm not gay!


He did look amazing though. He was wearing a plain white button up t-shirt with a black tie and

black trousers. He had black shoes and his hair was done amazingly.


He did look hot. It's just an opinion though, I'm not gay. It's just a faze.


"H-hey.", I said stuttering. Why did I stutter? I've never had trouble speaking.


"Hey handsome.", he said.


"So what's all of this?", I asked.


"Just thought we could hang out, no big deal."




He hugged me from behind and I could feel the goosebumps forming on my skin.


I still don't understand why I have that reaction to him, he's my best friend.


Lately I've been thinking, maybe I am gay, maybe I just have to accept me being gay.


The problem is I'm scared, if I can't even accept myself, how can anyone else accept me?


Then again they did accept Niall, and he's happy.


Maybe I like Niall, that would explain why I have those kind of reactions to him hugging or

touching me.


If Niall is happy so should I. Why do I have to pretend?


I am gay and I like my best mate Niall Horan.




Sorry for the cliffhangers, I just thought it would make the story more interesting.


You guys have to love me now, two chapters in less than a week! Finally I can come up

with ideas!


Well nice talking to you, if you even read this cause no one ever does but whatever.


See you soon peasants.





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