No More Straight For Curly

Do you ever dream being with someone who you know will never like you back? It's a horrible feeling but I just can't stop thinking about it. Well my name's Niall Horan and I have a crush on my best mate Harry Styles. The problem is he's straight. But don't worry, I've got that covered.


22. Epilogue







Harry's POV


"You know where I want to kiss you?", Niall asked me.


"On the lips?", I asked.




"On the cheek?"




"On the neck?"




"Then where beautiful?"


"In the church when we both say I do.", he said and started leaning on one knee and taking our

a little black box.


"Oh Niall.", I said.


"Harry Edward Styles. My angel. I wanna be with you forever. I wanna call you mine and I

wanna make you happy. I wanna have a family with you and make other people jelaous of how

happy we are. I wanna grow old with you and see us together both with wrinkles and white hair.

I wanna marry you.", Niall finished opening the box, inside there was a beautiful diamond ring.


By now I was in tears.


"So will you?"


"I will Niall. I will!", I said. He then slipped the ring into my finger sending chills down my spine.


He released a sigh of relief.


"I love you.", I said.


"I love you too. Forever."


Then we kissed.


And I knew, we were gonna live happily ever after.

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