No More Straight For Curly

Do you ever dream being with someone who you know will never like you back? It's a horrible feeling but I just can't stop thinking about it. Well my name's Niall Horan and I have a crush on my best mate Harry Styles. The problem is he's straight. But don't worry, I've got that covered.


6. Deal?

Chapter 6









"I think you're ready Nialler.", Zayn said and patted me on the back.


"You really think so?", I asked. I was extremely nervous, "What if I forget what you taught me,

what if he is disgusted by me, what if-"


"Stop questioning yourself Ni, you won't know until you try.", Liam said.


"Ok... But Harry will be here any minute and if I'm not ready-"


"Niall relax, were just going to the movies remember?", Harry suddenly appears.


Shit. I'm not ready! Even if the boys say I am I'm not. Well, ready to bring the new Niall. I've

been practicing much more. Harry has taken me out five times, but we just ate at Nando's or

something. Today we were going to the movies but first to eat with his family in a very fancy



"Yeah I remember handsome.", I turned to look at the boys and they gave me thumbs up.

Harry just stared at me.


"Ok well let's go beautiful.", he said and opened the door.


Unfortunately I blushed but if I hadn't the plan would be going perfectly.




"It's really sweet of you to come Niall.", Anne says as we start eating.


"Oh no problem Anne. I wanted to come.", I said. The 'date' was starting so well.




"Great movie huh?", Harry asked. We were going upstairs to my flat.


Sadly the day was over. I can't believe Harry took me out for he sixth time even thought for him

it's just friendly.


We laughed a lot today. Joking with Harry's family and watching the movie.


"Yeah it was.", I really didn't feel the need to start flirting right now.


"We're here.", Harry said and waited for me to open the door. I did and we stepped in, Liam

was with Zayn on the sofa, they were cuddling.


"Hey lads.", I said. They looked at me and quickly changed positions. Weird.


"H-hey Ni. I thought you were going to come home later.", Liam said really nervous.


"Well sorry for coming earlier?"


"No don't apologize! It is me who should apologize since I'm practically telling you to go

somewhere else and this is our flat so please-"


"Lili, don't worry ok?", I said smiling. He always cared more for others than himself. That's one

of the things I love about Liam, you know friend love not love like... you know what I mean.


"Yeah.", he said turned to the TV again.


"Harry would you like to stay for a while? We could go upstairs and talk.", I said.


"Sure mate.", Harry said and followed me upstairs.


We went straight to my room and payed in my bed.


"So...", I said.


"So...", Harry followed.


"Look Harry I have something really important to tell you...", I said. I was telling him today. I

think I'm ready.


"Sure mate what's going on?", Harry asked and turned to look at me.


I started leaning in, our faces almost touching, then it happened. Our lips danced together but

suddenly he pulled away.


"What are you doing?", he asked.


"I like you Harry, a lot. And not in a friend kind of way.", I said.


Harry didn't say anything, he looked at me shocked.


"Thanks.", he said.


"That's it? Thanks?", I was starting to get mad now I just talked us my feelings to him and all he

has to say is thanks? I feel awful I feel like my heart has been ripped off my chest.


"Sorry mate but I don't like you back... I'm not gay. I'm really sorry.", he finished.


"You don't like me that way? Then why did you kiss back? What about that?", I asked. This was

too much for me but I had to stay strong so Harry didn't think I was weak.


"I really don't know why I kissed back.", he said ashamed.


"And what about that 'beautiful' thing?!"


"Sorry.", he said.


I felt the tears coming when I suddenly came up with something.


"Let's make a deal.", I started. "You give me five weeks to make you fall for me if you do I can

ask you out if you don't we stay as friends.", I said. He looked shocked but then started



"You really think you can flirt better than me?"


"So is that a yes?"


"Bring it on Horan."

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