Divergent Safe Escape


This is an alternate story of when Tris doesn't pick Dauntless. If you haven't read the actual go read them! But not until you've read this!

Tris Prior lives in a world where ashes and flames are only left. Except a city. For generations a city has existed, forbidden to the outside world. Tris along with all sixteen years old in this world have to make a decision whether to stay with their families and home faction or to take a leap of faith. When Tris has her test her results come back... different... She is forced to make the decision not depending on her but others around her. What is the safest option?

Experience this roller-coaster of emotions, pain, boundary's and love... but is it?


1. Chapter 1.

From every wound there is a scar,

and every scar tells a story,

a story that says:

"I have survived".


I've always dreamt of being open, brave, selfless, intelligent, kind and truthful. But how can I? Being truthful means putting trust in others, intelligent means working hard, kind means respecting others privacy and selfless means putting others first... always...  That's my faction's purpose. Putting others first, not thinking of yourself, being completely selfless. That's me, a stiff... 


Usually in Abnegation every morning we go out and feed, clean and help the factionless. But today, today is different, today is when everything changes. Aptitude test day. We decide what faction we are willing to survive in. I walk to the building with other abnegation. They all look at their feet when they walk, we were all told to do that, it shows complete selflessness by not thinking about other things that might please us. I however look around eyes wide, so much colour, all the other factions are lined up waiting to be gathered inside. I look around, there is one faction I have been considering, the one that I've always wanted to belong to. Dauntless. I skim the rows of factions as we walk through crowds to line up. I don't see them. Then from behind me, a shouting and chanting ripples through the crowds, I stand on my toes to look over the people in front. I just about see blurs of what must be the dauntless, they jump off the train carriages to reach the grass below. Just then someone tugs at my arm, I turn around with a disgusted looks on my face. I know who it is, Caleb. He's never liked me looking at others, just because, he doesn't. 


Just then we are led down corridors to separate rooms. I walk in. It is a yellow painted room, with mirrors on a wall down one side and windows at the top opposite. A chair and tray is placed in the middle of the room. I stare at myself in the mirror, we don't get to look in mirrors much in Abnegation, they say it's self-centred. A lady with brown hair stands next to the chair, she looks middle-aged. She signals me to the chair, I nod biting my tongue, we have never been told what to expect in the aptitude test. It has always been kept a secret from us all. I then notice a tattoo on her arm.

"What's that?"  I ask curious, except from the fact she's dauntless, which is obvious, she seemed, different. Other dauntless seem hard, she seemed... readable. I sit back in the chair. 

"A tattoo" The way she says it, clear sarcasm in her voice, I hadn't heard much sarcasm but I knew enough to know when it was being used against me. 

"Right..." I lean up to look at what she's doing. "What do I have to do?"

"You don't have to do anything...yet" She pushes my shoulder back against the chair, I feel her squeeze it as she injects a needle into my neck. I start to feel dizzy, she looks at me, cupping my face in her hands.

"Good luck" My eyes close, for just a second before opening again. I lean up, about to ask what do I do. I look next to me where she stood two seconds ago. Nothing. I was in the room alone. I stood pushing myself up, I still felt heavy. I stumbled to the side leaning against the wall for support. I gathered my thoughts before looking back at the chair. Looking back at where the chair was. 

" Hello?" My voice sounded drained, faded like it was far away. I turn to face the mirror. I was far away. In fact every single one of me were far away...


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