Lea Novak didn't know what was coming her way, she just had a feeling that something special was going to arrive at her doorsteps. The only thing she knew was that it was Sunday.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I unlocked the door and let Weezy run freely inside the house. I looked at the clock and it was 4:30 so I had 20 minutes before he arrive. I ran up the stairs into my bathroom and stripped naked as I hopped in the shower. I washed all the unwanted dirt off of me as I massage my scalp with cinnamon shampoo.

I stepped out of the shower with my towel wrapped securely around me. I threw my hair in a messy bun as dried my face. I slide my bra and underwear on and then put on my yellow sun dress that is to my knee and with a jean jacket and to top it off I put on my light brown sandals.

After that I applied mascara and some lip gloss. I heard the doorbell ring and I looked at my phone checking the time, "Right on time." I smiled at myself in the mirror and walked out.

"She's right on time." My father grinned at me while putting his hand on my back pushing me farther to greet the guy.

"Hi I'm Colton Knight it's nice to meet you." He smirked as he looked me up and down. I scoffed and a frown came upon my face. Who do he think he is. He is gorgeous though, he has black hair and bright blue eyes that sparkles, he was toned and wore a plain green v-neck with dark jeans with vans.

"I'm Lea Novak and nice you too." I said slowly. "Oh I know." He winked. My father cleared his throat and announced that their plane is leaving in 10 minutes so they must be on their way. I kissed them goodbye as they walked out into the car.

"So, I guess I'll show you to your room." I muttered. He nodded and he followed me up the stairs and we walked into his room. "I like it but I like your ass better." He smirked and I turned around fast and jabbed him in the chest and whispered, "I swear on Channing Tatum abs that if you make a move on me you will be dead by tomorrow, got it?" I jabbed my index finger on his toned chest once more then walked out.


Hiya beautiful people, sorry for the long A/N in my last chapter but I really am sorry and I hope you forgive me 😉. Please follow me on twitter and on movellas. Alsoo I might start working on More Than This sequel (remember I said MIGHT, I'm not for sure lol)

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