Lea Novak didn't know what was coming her way, she just had a feeling that something special was going to arrive at her doorsteps. The only thing she knew was that it was Sunday.


1. Chapter 1

Lea's POV

"Oh my god, Dad put some clothes on!" I haven't been gone for a day and here I see my father butt naked in the kitchen. I covered my eyes as fast as I could, "Sweetie are you jealous because I have a bigger butt then you?" He laughed and continued to make a sandwich. "I will be in my room if you need me but seriously take my advice and put some clothes on, Jesus."

I run up the stairs and opened my door to see a dog on my bed. Did one of my fathers give me a dog ? Especially a huge one!

The dog jumped off my bed and ran towards me, "No no no no!!" I ran out the door and closed it. I ran down the hallway and opened the door to my fathers room. "Which one of you brought me a dog?!" I shouted. "Well.... Josh over here," My dad Nick pointed at my papa. "he thought you didn't have enough friends so here you are with a dog."He explained. I groaned and said, "I have plenty of friends!"

"Name one darling." I hesitated. "Uh.. you know Sterling- FINE .. I have only one friend, Jesus."

I was about to walk out of my parents room until my father stopped me. "Sweetie I wanted to tell you ahead of time but I was stalling, You know it is Sunday and your papa and I are going on a business trip to Europe and won't be back in about three months," He continued. "My friend older son will be coming at 5o'clock and he is staying here for the next three months but I don't want to see a baby bump either so use protection!" He pointed his finger at me, Nick shook his head as he spoke. "I will love to have a grandbaby but not now." He chuckled.

"Whatever that's gross, so I will be leaving you to packing." I said over my shoulder.

I returned back to my room and almost forgot I have a huge beast in my room. I cracked the door open and see my dog sleeping. I sat on my bed and whispered to myself, "What should I call you boy ?" I whispered while scratching the back of his ear. "You like Weezy--- not the rapper but more of a dog Weezy if you get it." I said to the dog as if he knew what I was talking about. He propped his head up and then a glob of saliva fell on my lap. "Oh great, thank you Weezy!" I pretend to sound grateful. He just wiggled his tail. I looked on the floor to see a red dog bowl and a leash to go walking, also a Clippers bed for Weezy, I'm a huge fan of the Clippers ... I love Blake omg.

I grabbed Weezy customize Clippers leash and hooked it on his collar after that I texted Sterling and told him to meet me at the park.

I told my parents that I'm heading to the park and started walking out.

--------------10 minutes---------------

I stopped by a small cafe and brought me a muffin and a latte, The cold breeze makes me shiver as I zipped my fur coat all the way up.

I tied Weezy to the bench as I sat down. We waited about 5 minutes until Sterling came, "Hey girl !" Sterling said pretending to be gay. Sterling and I were best friends since birth — we even took baths together.

"Hey babes, what's up with your mood today?" I narrowed my eyes at him. "Nothing at all..." He looked to the right and I knew right away he was lying. "LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FREAKING FIRE!!!" I yelled as I jabbed my finger on his chest.

"Okay okay, don't make a scene!" He whisper-yelled. "You better spill it Dallas."

"Alright alright, I asked Payton out and she said yeah then we went on a date and we are sort of-- I mean we are dating now." He finally looked up at me. I bet you a million bucks I probably look like I saw a unicorn.

"That's huge dude, omg you been liking her for years and now look at you!" I cheered.

"Shall we celebrate?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows. I snorted and said, "Maybe next time I have to go home to get dress because some guy suppose to be "babysitting" me so I will catch you later?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure babe anything for you." He rubbed Weezy behind his ear and winked at me before leaving.


Hey guys, I know it's been awhile and I'm pretty mad about not finishing the sequel to More Than This. I was thinking one day and I thought I didn't want to drag the book on and on, so if you guys want to make your own version in the future then you have my permission. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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You can also message me on twitter if you need someone there for you, I will be there.

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