Be Brave

The last thing Tris saw was David, But now she has woken up, Everyone has gone back in time.... Everyone thought dead now alive, Everyone Except Four.
But Tris is Still in a relationship,
In a relationship with someone she doesn't know.
Someone Who is Jeanine Matthews Son...



2. The Train

I feel the earth moving under me.

I can also feel the rising and falling of someones chest. I look up not knowing what to expect.

A boy is next to me. I am leaning on his shoulder. He had piercing blue eyes and Light hair.

I pull away.

"Oh Tris! You're awake!" He says smiling at me.

Looking forward, I see Christina in front of me. She smiles. "Nice sleep?" She grins and leans over to shove my shoulder. My vision still blurred, I can't make out who is sitting next to her.

Where am I? Who is this Boy next to me? 

"Uh Christina.." I say whispering into her ear. "Who is this Boy?"

She laughs. "Seriously!" I hiss in a louder tone.

He looks at me worriedly.

"You ok Tris?" He touches my shoulder lightly.

I pull away wincing. "y-yes." I lie.

I suddenly realise where I am. The Dauntless Train.

Christina looks at me, Her eyebrow raised. "Tris, That's your boyfriend, James." She says slowly and clearly, Taking the mick.

"Thanks" I say. 
She continues to laugh and so does James.

What about Tobias...

"Uh where's Tobias?" I ask her.

"Who?" Says a rough voice.

I look to my left.


I grab him, embracing him sobbing into his shoulders. I still feel guilty for what I did... Or thought I did. He furrows his eyebrows, I notice the crease between them.

I pull away and bring myself together.

It's probably some freak dream.

"Four" I say slowly.

"What a dumb name.." Laughs a voice I recognize as... Uriahs?

I look next to Christina.

Surely enough, there he was...

I had to stop myself from doing what I did to Will.

As I look around I notice Marlene, Shauna, Lynn, Cara, Caleb, Peter and Zeke.

Even though this was a dream, It was the best feeling ever. Or the worst, Knowing Tobias wasn't here. Then again, Just a dream.

James took my hand. I didn't pull away.

Just a dream...

I looked into his eyes. He wasn't ugly.. At all.

Wait, He had the same attractive eyes, same small lips, same cold demeanor than..



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