Be Brave

The last thing Tris saw was David, But now she has woken up, Everyone has gone back in time.... Everyone thought dead now alive, Everyone Except Four.
But Tris is Still in a relationship,
In a relationship with someone she doesn't know.
Someone Who is Jeanine Matthews Son...



3. Pure Erudite

I stare at him, Wide-eyed. "Jeanine.." I mutter under my breath.

"Did you just say my Mums name?" He says looking away from the window.

Jeanine's son!? She had a SON!? and I was his GIRLFRIEND?!

"Jeanine Matthews is dead though..." I gasp.

"Yeah" Snorts Lynn. "That's why we're running from her right now."

So basically All who I thought were dead are actually alive?

"Where's Al?" I ask Marlene. 

"Oh! Your first sensible question since you woke up!" She grins.

"We're going to meet him at the Dauntless compound." She says.

Cara twirls her hair around her fingers.

The train comes to a halt,

and before me I see the place I've longed to see for a long time.

The Dauntless Compound.

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