1. God

Sometimes I sit and wonder is God real.

If God is real then why is the world such

a mess? Then I remember god gave us

free will. Free will to choose him or not.


God so loves us that he doesn't force us,

no, he doesn't say you must do this or that.

He gave us a choice, he gave us a set of

guidelines that we made into hard rules.


God said if you follow me here is what I

would like you to do. Here is what will help

you. It will help you work together and love

each other. That is what God wanted for us.


God said he wanted to have a relationship

with us. Not here is a set of rules now I'm

going. A living talk to me, let me help you

relationship. He wants us to choose him.


He doesn't want to punish us. He doesn't

delight in our failure. He won't ever give up

on us, that's not his way. It's not like God.

God will set us on our feet to try again.


I believe in a god who 'so loved the world

that he gave his only son. So that we may

have life and life in abundance.' That is my

God. That's the god of love I believe in.

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