5. first time.

It's your first time.

He caresses your cheek as he kisses you.

You roll over and he continues kissing you going lower and lower with every kiss.

He gets to your pants and looks up at you.

You're shocked when he pulls them down and starts to go in.

Its the amazing feeling of another person inside you.

Everyone tells you it hurts but all you feel is pleasure.

A feeling of pure pleasure he kisses your neck he bites he kisses your lips and pulls away and out you still wanting more.

You stand up putting your pants back on and hugging him.

You smile and walk with him for a while and just smile an talk.

It's your first time and he was the only one who didn't know that.

He was the only one who never knew she had never done anything.

It was her first time.

Little did she know it was his too.

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