Once in a life time

Liz and Roselyn have lived in an orphanage for years then an adoption day all of the kids get adopted but them. They thought they would be in the orphanage till they turned 18 but then the unexpected happens they get adopted by One Direction.


3. good bye for now and fighting

Liz's P.O.V.

I got back and it was midnight and my feet were killing me.As soon as I walked through the door Louis screamed Liz come here we have people for you to meet.Ok but Im very tried Louis I called as I walked in the living room.When I got in there I found a girl with red hair on Louis lap and 5 Seconds Of Summer on the coach.Ok then Liz I guess that you don't want to meet my girlfriend Alex or 5SOS Screamed Louis.Ok Louis Im right here I screamed back.Hi Im Aston he said as he stuck out his hand.Hi Im Liz I said back.Those guys are Calum,Luke,and Michael Aston said pointing toward the guys.I know who you are Im a fan of your band I said back.Really thats amazing screamed Luke.

Alex's P.O.V.

So this is the Liz they have been talking about.I noticed that all the guys from 5SOS and Niall were staring at her.So Liz Jake seems really nice said Liam breaking the silence how did you guys meet and do you want to sit down he said getting out of his seat.Thank you Liam Sophia is very lucky to have a guy like you she said sitting down.Your welcome and tell us how you met Jake he begged her.Well I was in the park playing my guitar singing Little things with Roselyn and walked up and we stated talking then eventually he asked me out she said.Aw thats sweet but not as sweet as how me and Louis met I said trying to take all the attention.How did you meet she asked sweetly oh god how I hate this girl.Well I was ice skating with some friends they skated ahead then I started to slip and I almost fell then Louis caught me then he asked me out I said proudly.Aw sweet she said well Im going to get to bed Niall are you ok with that she asked.Yeah I will go to bed to he said back to her and then they went up stairs.Ok who's Jake and why did she have to ask Niall if he was ok with that I asked.Well Jake is her boyfriend and she is sleeping in Niall's room but they are just friends said Zayn quickly.

Luke's P.O.V.

Wow she was beautiful.But she already has a boyfriend I wish I was him or at lease Niall who gets to live with her and share a room with her.Come on Luke Aston called snapping me out of my daydreams.Oh ok bye guys I called.Bye they said in unison.We headed home and I dreamed about that beautiful girl they called Liz.

Liz's P.O.V.

I woke to this text from Jake Hey beautiful we need to talk meet me at Starbucks in 15 minuets love you.Ok see you then and love you too I texted back.I got out of the bed put my hair in to a braid and put a pair of floral skinny jeans and a red hoodie that said love with a tank top underneath with my plain converse then left.Hey Jake whats up I asked knowing it wasn't going to be good because he looked really sad.Its just that my dad got a promotion and we have to move to American tomorrow he said sadly.Oh Jake thats good for your dad but bad for us I said back. Yeah and I don't want a long distance relationship because I don't want to hurt you he said back.So we should break up then I asked sadly.That would be best because it would only hurt of a little bit but if we stay together it would hurt worse for longer and I don't want to hurt you he said back.I know Jake but stay in touch because your awesome and I will want to know how things are going ok I said back.I will defiantly why wouldn't I want to stay in touch with the best thing thats ever happened to me he said back laughing well I have to go pack but I will miss you a lot he said trying to hold back tears.Bye I said as I gave him one last kiss on the check then went to get a coffee.

Violet's P.O.V

Liz came back upset and as soon as she sat on the coach she pulled her knees into her chest and started to cry.OMG whats wrong I ask as I ran over to her.Me and Jake broken up she chocked out.What why I asked confused.He has to move to America tomorrow she said back.Liz I'm so sorry but in other news I have a new boyfriend I announced.Who she asked excitedly.Harry I screamed out.What she screamed back before she stormed of again.

*One hour later

Violet's P.O.V.

Its been an hour since Liz went upstairs and I was really worried so I went to check on her and the door was locked.I panicked and called the guys.They were at a concert and they said to only call if there was an emergency and this was.

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