Once in a life time

Liz and Roselyn have lived in an orphanage for years then an adoption day all of the kids get adopted but them. They thought they would be in the orphanage till they turned 18 but then the unexpected happens they get adopted by One Direction.


2. getting to know them

Niall's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe that I get to stay in the same house as such a beautiful girl like Liz.Also Harry and Violet are really getting along but Harry and Liz were exchanging dirty looks at each other so that isn't very good.Back at the house we decided to play 20 questions.The game went a little like this.

1d:The lads V:Violet L:Liz

1D:favorite color




V:Homes Chapel England

L:Dublin Ireland

1D:favorite band


L:5 Seconds Of Summer

1D:favorite member in that band



1D:favorite male singer

V:Ed sheeran or Harry Styles

L:Bruno Mars,Ollie Murs, or Ed Sheeran

1D:Violet favorite member from 5SOS and Liz favorite member for 1D



1D:single or taken by who

V:taken by Harry


1D:what do you look for in a guy

V:cheeky,charming, with green eyes

L:cheeky,artistic,funny,caring, and irish

1D:Virgin or not



1D:favorite hair color on a guy


L:red or blond

1D:favorite male T.V. character

V:sweeny todd or Johnny depp

L:Finn from Glee or Finn from Adventure Time

1D:favorite female T.V. character

V:Ariana grande or cat

L:Rachel from Glee or Fiona from Adventure Time

1D:favorite movie


L:Beauty And The Beast

1D:what 1D member would you date and why

V:Harry because he is so adorable

L:Louis or Niall because they are really funny

1D:what member of 5SOS would you date and why

V:Aston because he looks like Harry

L:Luke because he is adorable

1D:what do you think each others personality is

V:strong,quiet,sweet,athletic,funny girly girl

L:sweet,girly girl who knows how to cook

1D:favorite animal

V:cats because they are so cuddly like Harry

L:zebras because their awesome

1D:whats your style

V:total girly girl

L:half girly girl half tom boy

1D:what are your hobbies

V:anything with fashion and singing

L:sports,playing instruments,and singing

1D:what are your talents

V:my fashion sense,playing kazoo,and singing

L:playing guitar,playing football(soccer),and singing

Liz's P.O.V.

We had just finished playing 20 question and it was around midnight so Liam said we should watch a movie.What movie Harry asked.How about Beauty And The Beast then after that This Is Us Liam suggested.Sure we all said in unison and we all sat on the coach.The order went Liam,Louis,and Zayn on one coach and Harry on the chair with Violet on his lap then me and Niall on the other smaller coach.It was around the part where Gueston falls on the castle when I started to get tired.Niall noticed and put his arm around me and pulled me closer.Then I fell asleep with my head on his chest.

Niall's P.O.V.

Both of the movies were over and everyone one was heading up to bed.I'll carry her up to bed I told Liam.Ok but Niall you really like her don't you he asked.No I love her I said back as I carried her up stairs.After I put her down in my bed,covered her up and stared walking out of the room I heard a small voice say Niall.So I turned around and saw Liz sitting up in my bed.I walked over to her and said whats wrong.Nothing I just wanted to know where your going she asked sweetly.Im going down stairs to sleep on the coach I said back.No your not she said getting out of the bed your sleeping in your bed and ill sleep on the coach.No why don't we just both sleep in then bed then I asked.Ok she said back Im going to go change she said walking in the bathroom.Then she came back out wearing a long sleeve shirt and a pair of pajama pants and it was like 50 degrees in the room.Liz what's wrong I asked. Nothing why do you ask she said back nervously.Its just that its really hot in here and your wearing that I said back.Well you know about my arms she said as she toke off her shirt showing off her tank top.Ok what about your pants I asked. Well look she said as she slowly pulled down her pants showing her shorts and tons of bruises and scars.Were you trying to hide that I asked.Yes she said.Why your beautiful just the way are I told her and she started blushing.Then we fell a sleeping hugging.

Violet's P.O.V.

I woke up early so I decided to see if Liz was awake.Just as I was about to go out the door I heard Harry's voice say where are you going gorgeous.Down stairs I said as I was heading out the door.I'm coming to he screamed.As we were heading down the stairs we ran in to the boys.Wheres Liz I asked worried.I don't she wasn't there when I woke up said Niall.Then I smelled the food.Found her I called out as I ran in to the kitchen.Where they asked confused chasing after me.We all stopped dead in our tracks when we got to the kitchen there was Liz washing dishes in a tank top and shorts which she never worn.Her arms and legs were showing and covered in scars and bruises.When she saw us standing there staring at her she dropped the sponge,started crying,and ran toward the bathroom.After she closed the bathroom door Niall ran over to the door to talk to her.He said something quietly then she opened the door and they hugged.

Liz's P.O.V.

Well I guess it's time to tell them I whispered to Niall.Do you want me to tell them he asked.Sure that would be good I said back.Ok guys Liz wants to tell you something but she is kinda scared so I will tell you Niall announced to the guys.Can it wait a couple minuets because Alex is on her way over said Louis referring to his girlfriend.It can but I have work in half an hour I told them.What you have a job the lads screamed together.Yeah Im a waitress at a restaurant down town.What else do we not know about you Liam asked.Well I have a boyfriend and his name is Jake I said back.Oh then whats he like Louis asked interested. Well his is irish,has red hair,green eyes,he plays football and guitar,is super sweet, and is really funny I said and will be picking me up for work if you want to meet him.Sure we would love to said Liam.Ok I will call him and see if he will come earlier I said back.Ok then call him Louis screamed.This is how the phone call went.

L:Liz J:Jake

J:Hey love

L:hey Jakey

J:So whats up

L:I was wondering if you wanted to come earlier to meet the people who adopted me.

J:Sure i'll be over in like two minuets

L:Ok see you then

J:love you

L:Love you too bye


Niall's P.O.V.

What she has a boyfriend.Well she is such a beautiful girl that of course she would have a boyfriend.She came down right as the doorbell rang.She was wearing a short black skirt with a white button down blouse that was tucked in and a pair of converses.Her bruises and scars were covered using foundation and her blond hair was up in a ponytail.I will get it she told us as she ran to the door.Jakey screamed as she jumped into his arms.Hey beautiful he said before she gave him a kiss.Well here they are she said pointing at us.The one with black hair is Zayn,the one jumping up and down is Louis,the one with curly hair is Harry,the other brunet is Liam and the irish blondy is Niall she said in her adorable accent.Hey he said back.Sup Zayn said back.Well we would love to stay and chat but I have to get to work she said quickly.Ok when will you be back asked Liam.Um 10:30 unless I have to later she said back.Ok have fun at work little buddy Louis called.I'll try big buddy she called back.

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