Once in a life time

Liz and Roselyn have lived in an orphanage for years then an adoption day all of the kids get adopted but them. They thought they would be in the orphanage till they turned 18 but then the unexpected happens they get adopted by One Direction.


4. emergences and her story

Liam's P.O.V.

We were answering questions when I got a call from a Violet.Hello I answered. Liam its an emergency she said back.What is it I asked worried.Liz locked her self in the room and her and Jake broke up because he is moving to America and I just told her that I was dating Harry she said quickly.Ok then we are on our way I said back quietly.Ok everyone you have been a lovely audience but we have an emergency we have to attend to at home so bye and we love you all I said to the crowd as I pushed the lads off of the stage.What is it Liam Louis asked worried.Well Violet said that Liz locked her self in hers and Niall's room and her and Jake just broke up an hour ago so lets go I said rushing them out the door.When we got there we all ran up to the door and started pounding on it.Then the door open and there stood a tried looking Liz in nike shorts and a matching top with her blonde hair up in a bun.What I was trying to sleep she said tiredly.We were just worried Violet said.About what Vi she asked.About you she said back. Violet Jean Elizabeth Stanley what did you think I was doing Liz said back.I don't know hurting your self he Violet said angrily.Why would I do that Liz asked.I don't maybe the fact that your boyfriend just broke up with you because he is moving tomorrow and what happened in your past Violet screamed.Thats when Liz bursted in to tears.

Liz's P.O.V.

You know what she is right just because my foster parents would abuse me and my boyfriend broke up with me because his family had to move and he didn't want to hurt me by having a long distance relationship you should have been worried that I would have tried to relax and forget about what happened I screamed back.Dude you don't have to yell at Violet yelled Harry.She yelled at Violet because she yelled at her and started bring things back up that Liz was trying to forget Niall yelled at Harry.Then Harry pushed Niall and Niall pushed back which started a full out fight.Then Louis pulled Liam down which started another fight.Violet got scared and ran to her room then I got a whole bunch of bad memories in my head but only one of them was bad enough to make me brake down.

*flash back*

Ready to go my sweeties my mom said to me,my two older brothers,and my little sister as we started driving to my grammas house where I was staying while my mom and dad went on a business trip.You guys know that we love you no madder what happens we will always love you my parents said.We love you to we all said in unison.That was the last thing said before a drunk diver slammed into our car.My parents were killed by the impact and my brothers died because they used their bodies to cover me and my sister up.Me and my little sister were sent to the orphanage and my little sister got adopted two months later.So I was all alone till I met Violet and Ashley who instantly became like sisters to me.

*end of flash back*

Niall's P.O.V.

I stopped fighting with Harry because I saw Liz on the floor crying.I ran over to her and asked what was wrong and she told me the story of what happened.Wow thats sad I said to her.Also that sounds a lot like what happened to Liam family but only one of his brothers died.He was protecting his little sister Elizabeth sense they were real siblings unlike Liam and her who were just siblings because their parents got married I explained to her.Wait what was his parents named she asked.Um George and Lilliana I told her.Thats my parents names she said what were his other siblings named.Um Melody and Miles I said back.Those were my siblings names she said back.What whats your full name I asked her.Elizabeth Rose Payne she said back.I guess Liam heard it because he stopped fighting Louis and walked over to her and said little leprechaun then she said big bear and they stood there and hugged.It was all silence till Liz said I thought you were dead.Well Im not and you know who else isn't he asked.Who she asked confused.Miles and he really wants to see us so he's coming tomorrow Liam said back.What thats amazing all we are missing is Melody but she got adopted Liz said sadly.Yeah by Miles and his wife Liam said happily then they walked away to talk.

*The next day

Miles P.O.V.

I cant believe I get to see my big brother screamed Melody who was now 13 from the back seat.Yeah I cant to what to meet your little brother said my beautiful wife Ashlyn.Yeah I only wish Liz could be there I said thinking about me and Liz when were younger.We pulled into the driveway took out our bags since we were staying with Liam and his friends then we went on knocked on the door and I thought I was imagining things.Gingerbread boy screamed Liz.Lizzy Bella I screamed back as I hugged her.What how are you here I asked confused. Well my best mate adopted her because she told him about how she got abused by her foster parents and that she had to back the next day and he didn't want that to happen so he adopted her Liam told me.Oh well I want to meet the lad that kept my little sister and brother together I said.Ok I will get him Liz said.Nialler get your butt over here now before I kick it Liz called.Then a scared looking Blond boy with eyes like Liz's came running.

Ok Im here now please don't kick my butt he begged her.Im not and I wasn't going to she while laughing and Miles who is this beautiful girl Liz asked.This beautiful girl is my wife Ashlyn I said proudly.Well If you love football as much as I do we should get along well Liz said to Ashlyn.Ok well I love football playing it, watching it,talking about it you know everything about it Ashlyn said back.Awesome well I was about to kick Niall's butt in a game of football you want to come watch Liz asked sweetly.We would love to Ashlyn answered back.

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