Once in a life time

Liz and Roselyn have lived in an orphanage for years then an adoption day all of the kids get adopted but them. They thought they would be in the orphanage till they turned 18 but then the unexpected happens they get adopted by One Direction.


1. we're here to adopt you

Liz's P.O.V.

Hi I'm Liz.I'm 17 and I live in a orphanage in London England.My mom and dad died in a car accident when I was 11.I have long curly blond hair and light blue eyes.I tried living with a foster family but it didn't work out because the parents would beat me.I don't really like people besides children.I only have two friends at the orphanage which are Ashley the orphanage owners daughter who is 16 and Violet who is also 16 and a orphan like me.To the rest of the kids Im like a mother and they all love me.

Violet's P.O.V

Hi I'm Violet.I'm 16 and also live in a orphanage.My mom was raped when she was 17 so she put me up for adoption.I have long curly pink hair and green eyes.I have never lived with a foster family and I LOVE people but I LOVE kids more.My only friends are Liz and Ashely.To the rest of kids Im like an aunt.

Liz's P.O.V.

I woke up to the kids screaming wake up wake up people are coming.I got up and said looks like some of you are going to get adopted and come on lets start making breakfast then headed down stairs and made pancakes then I cleaned up while the kids ate.

Violet's P.O.V

After we made breakfast me and Liz got the kids ready.Two hours went by and all the kids were adopted and me and Liz were still here.We were in the kitchen making cookies when the one and only One Direction walked in with Ashley.OMG they cant be here right now we look terrible I said to Liz who was covered in flour,frosting,and cookie dough since we were messing around while making the cookies.These to walking cookies are the only ones left Ashley told them sadly because she didn't want to lose us especial after what happened in Liz's past with other family's like the one she was with yesterday.Liz still had the bruises and scars from the past.Well they look delicious Harry said as a flirt so I started to blush.Well sorry curly but shes not on the menu Liz said back.Woah blondy calm down Harry said back to her.No I will not calm down Liz yelled back.Who do you think your talking to bitch Harry yelled back.Well I think I'm talking to the asshole in front of me Liz yelled before storming off.Harry what was all that about yelled daddy direction.She started it Harry said back.I don't care Liam said back.After that I lead them to Liz's room.

Niall's P.O.V.

Violet was leading us to the other girls room.When we got there the girl was crying with her knees in her chest and her head on her knees.Violet ran over to her and hugged her.Then she got up with Violet.Ok lets just pretend what happened in the kitchen didn't happen ok Violet said and we all said ok.Oh by the way this is Liz she said pointing at the girl who was tucking on her sleeves like she was hiding something.Well hi Liz I'm Niall I said.Hi she said back quietly.Hey Liz can I talk to in the hall I asked.Sure she said back quietly.When we got in the hallway I grabbed her arm and pulled her sleeve up showing tons of scars and bruises.What happened to your arms I asked her.My foster parents would beat me I just got back from their house yesterday and I have to go back tomorrow she said sadly.No your not because I'm going to adopt you I said back.You don't have to she said before she kissed my check.I want to I said before walking away to sign the papers.

Liz's P.O.V

What Im getting adopted no more have to get beat by foster parents.Wait what about Violet. Hey Violet can I talk to you for a second I asked her quietly.Sure she said happily well first I want to tell you something.Ok what is it I asked.Harry is going to adopt me Violet screamed.OMG really I screamed back.Yeah but gonna miss you she said back sadly.I won't I said back.Wow thats mean she said angrily. Let me finish Im not going to miss you because Niall is going to adopt me I said back happily.OMG Violet screamed back and we danced around till the guys came back and told us to pack our stuff.

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