Burn the Ice Away.

Arendelle was fine now, wasn't it? Elsa had opened the gates and the ice had retreated. Anna had found her true love and Hans was out of their hair, so I can see why you would call it a happy ending. But a problem is building in Arendelle, and things will melt for real this time.


3. The kiss of a blade.

My mother keeps fussing over me, the fact that she caught me outside practicing my magic has sent her into a spin.

"What were you thinking? If the guards had caught you, you'd be thrown in the cells. Is that what you want Sera,"

"Of course not, but you can't stop me from trying," I reply, keeping my hands busy by chopping the vegetables.

The air temperature in the house is warmer because of me, which saves us money to by wood to keep a fire going. Though, I wasn't able to keep my conjured flame for long without wood.

"Were you seen?" My mother demands, turning to face me and attempting to hold my gaze. When I can't hold it any longer than a couple of seconds, she nods sharply before shooting me a glare.

"Stupid girl... who by?"

"I'm not sure, just a girl," I answer, hastily chopping the vegetable as fast as I can to leave the room. I don't want to be here when she explodes.

She's quiet for a moment, processing my answer and then suddenly she jerks the sharp blade out of my hand. It slices my thumb and blood starts to trickle down my palm.

I gasp and draw back, turning to face my mother who has dropped the knife, abandoning it.

"Are you really that thick, Sera?" She hisses, "one girl can still destroy you. What if she had seen you create the flame and now she's making an audience with our queen?"

"She saw nothing, the fire was out even before she showed up," I explain, hoping to convince her to abandon her worries. Even though the same worries swirl through my thoughts also.

"I don't know if I believe you but... Fine,"

I quickly nod and begin to retreat to my bedroom. But before I can, I hear a small knock on the front door.

"I'll get it!" I yell.

I open the front door, and as I do a small thought flutters through my brain that my hair is completely uncovered. It too late to cover it because I swing the door open to reveal a small figure.

Their standing in the shadows, and the only thing I can see are the sparkling blue eyes they own.

"Can I help you?" I ask, as I shuffle my feet.

"Yes, were you the one I met last night?" She asks and I recognize her immediately.

"Umm, I-I don't know," I stutter, afraid of how this situation will end.

"I think you are, I was wondering if you would come for a small walk with me. I wish to talk to you," she asks, stepping into the light, revealing the extravagant blue gown she wears and the braided white hair she has dropped over her shoulder.

It's at that moment my mother decides to join us, wiping away the mess dinner has left on her hands with a cloth.

"Oh, Queen Elsa!" She exclaims, dropping down into a curtsy and pulling me down with her.

I glance at the queen through my eyelashes and wonder what trouble I've gotten myself into.

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