Burn the Ice Away.

Arendelle was fine now, wasn't it? Elsa had opened the gates and the ice had retreated. Anna had found her true love and Hans was out of their hair, so I can see why you would call it a happy ending. But a problem is building in Arendelle, and things will melt for real this time.


1. Red or Blue? (prologue)


The word even burns my brain thinking about it. The people of Arendelle thought they had it bad, I had to stay inside the whole time of the freeze. Now, all I hear around town is, "Elsa is our savior!" Or "It's so cool she has ice powers,"

Do they forget the torment she laid on Arendelle, the crops she killed and the homes she ruined. No, of course not, Hans questioned her leadership and he was sent away. So if I were to question the ice queen in all her glory, would she freeze me? It confuses me how they all accept her so easily for what she is. Would they accept a girl who could destroy a entire town with the click of her red fingernails or a girl who could walk through flames as if it were a litter of puppies kissing at her heels. No, probably not.

Our differences are obvious, her white hair is the complete contrast to my fire red hair and her blue eyes are the opposite shade to my dark brown ones.

I suppose I have one up on her though, I mean. Fire is better than Ice.

Though the question is, which colour will spread through the land.

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