Burn the Ice Away.

Arendelle was fine now, wasn't it? Elsa had opened the gates and the ice had retreated. Anna had found her true love and Hans was out of their hair, so I can see why you would call it a happy ending. But a problem is building in Arendelle, and things will melt for real this time.


2. Building the flame.

One good thing about Elsa's powers was that it was a small step to the acceptance of magic. Now Arendelle had been shown that magic could not only harm, but heal, maybe people would start to accept people like us.

It is the only thing I like about Elsa.

The gates are now open and there is a ball every night, which means the whole town becomes empty as soon as the clock strikes seven.

I couldn't go to the ball even if I wanted too, I think she would know about me the moment I enter the hall. We repel each other, I'm sure.

At least, now I'm left with an empty town to practice my magic, away from prying eyes. I've prepared myself, stolen a green hood from an empty market stall and I've tied my red hair back. At least it won't give me away tonight.

It's not unusual for girls to have red hair in Arendelle, I mean Anna's hair is an orangey reddish colour. But what is obvious is the blood red shades and fluorescent orange streaks that show the sign of my curse.

The darkness is both my enemy and my friend, I can hide silently in the shadows but when I use my magic, my fire will shine like a beacon for the guards on watch. So I slip past the main gate to the castle, keeping my head low.

I can't go too far away from my town, so I stick to the shadows and find a small opening which is surrounded by vending stalls.

The air is silent as I lower my hood and rub my hands together, creating the friction needed to build a small flame in the palm of my hand.

I pull my hands apart, expanding the flame into a swirling ball, and fling it at the closest wooden object. It creates a beautiful red sight as it warms the cold air around me.

There's a shuffling sound that echoes throughout the hollow opening and a rush of adrenaline runs through my veins. I quickly grab my green hood and smother the building flames before I'm caught by a small figure.

"Why aren't you at the ball?" Asks a small voice.

"I don't think I would enjoy the company," I reply, turning my back towards her.

"I know what you mean. It weird for me, since I've gotten used the gates being closed and now..."


I sneak a peek over my left should and look at the figure behind me. Whoever she is, she's not effected by the cold night as she isn't wearing a cloak like me.

The shadow's cover her face, keeping her identity hidden and I hope it's doing the same for me.

"Well, I'm being called back, so I have to go,"

I hear the clicks of her heals as she retreats back to the castle, and I now alone again. I recreate my flame once I know I'm alone and practice growing it without using any wood.

Even though she's left, I find myself looking over my shoulder constantly in fear of getting caught.

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