Letters to Luke

She has severe depression, relying on bands to get through the pain. He’s in a world famous punk-rock band, he’s her hero. She writes him letters to help cope with the hurt, hoping he’ll understand, hoping he’ll someday reply.


3. Letter Two - 26th of June 2014

Dear Luke,

It’s Bridie again, nothing much has happened in my life since the last letter. I still see the same therapist who gives me useless advice. Your album comes out tomorrow and I’m so excited. You’ve worked so hard on it for so long and I can tell I’ll be even more proud of you boys once I hear it for the first time. I might have shed a happy tear or two, you never know. It’ll be a change from angry or miserable tears. I pre-ordered it ages ago and when I listen Good Girls makes me feel so proud of what you’ve accomplished in the 2 and a half years that you’ve been a band.


School’s been how you’d expect school to be; hell. I have no real friends only people who sit with me out of sympathy because they think I’m weird. I hear them talking about me when they think I’m listening to music or when they think I’m out of earshot. They don’t like sitting with me because I don’t talk much. No one really knows much about me, I find it hard to open up to people with an exception of you and the boys if you let them read this.


I’m seeing the doctor again this afternoon; he says we’re going to talk about my eating habits. Mum must’ve told him I don’t eat much anymore. I think he also wants to talk about my cuts. As of today, the 26th of June 2014 I have been 4 days clean. I think the hype of your album being released tomorrow has given me hope. It’s given me reason to live another day.


When I saw the album track list I was so happy to see songs like Voodoo Doll, Eighteen, Greenlight, Lost Boy and Amnesia but it sucks you haven’t included Superhero. It’s one of my favourite songs but I guess I’ll live.


I wish I had something or dramatic to tell you to make this letter interesting but I’ve got nothing. Maybe by the time I’ll write to you again something important might have happened like a big ass earthquake like the one from a couple of years ago or maybe I might get mugged. Some of the Maori’s here are really aggressive.


I’m going to have to cut this letter short, mums calling me. Apparently she scheduled my appointment with the doctor earlier than usual.


Yours sincerely,

Bridie Kershaw x

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