Letters to Luke

She has severe depression, relying on bands to get through the pain. He’s in a world famous punk-rock band, he’s her hero. She writes him letters to help cope with the hurt, hoping he’ll understand, hoping he’ll someday reply.


5. Letter Four - 4th of July 2014

Dear Luke,

Hey, how’s it going?



I ran into my dad the other day. Like I’m not even kidding, I literally RAN into the bastard. Every morning I go for a run around the block to clear my head and the other morning when I was running I was changing the song on my iPod and I didn’t notice where I was going until I ran into some big, ass buff guy. I ended up on the ground and I was freaking out and apologising… yeah, turns out it was my dad so I freaked out (a lot) and ran in the opposite direction like my ass was on fire. I don’t think I’ve screamed so much in my life. I honestly didn’t know what to do so I called mum, who then called the police, who then took away dad’s parole and locked him back up. In a way that’s good but then again it means he’s seen me and I can’t help but be afraid in case he gets let out again because me running into him was an accident, they never told me where he was going to be and when.


I’m sorry if you’re sick of me (if you even read my letters). I think I’m going to end on a positive note. Those are always good right?


I watched your Google Hangout/ Livestream thing. It may have been 1 in the morning but I watched it. I must have sounded like an insane person laughing my head off in the ungodly hours of the morning but then again I’m not completely sane so I guess it’s okay. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ABSAILED DOWN A DAMN BUILDING. HOLY GUACAMOLE THAT WAS INSANE. I WOULD HAVE HAD SOME KIND OF SEIZURE AND REFUSED TO DO IT. I’ve recently (as of yesterday) come to a conclusion that I want to be a Ninja Turtle. I’ll be like a green one or something; my name will be something fancy like Picasso. Picasso’s a good name. Like the artist, I think he was mentally insane and I’m pretty sure he cut off his ears or something unless that was some other mentally troubled artist.


In other news I ate a hamburger the other day; I’m on school break so I thought why not? It was a big one from the local corner shop, it was huge (that’s what she said lol). Honestly I’m surprised I could keep it down, I’m surprised how hungry I was.


But anyways, mum and I are going shopping or some shit.

Happy 4th of July

Yours Sincerely,

Bridie x

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