A book tragedy


1. a book tragedy

As i look out my window i suddenly realize that i havent slept all night. I looked to the tight and saw that my candle was still burning a bit. The dark colored sky was slowly temoving itself and forming a lighter blue as the sun slowly rose to the east. Sighing i slowly rose and blew out my candle to let the wax set again. "It would be lovely if i could forget about everything and sit down and just read a good book or two. Havent done that since i was a child."

I always read two to three books a day and possibly re-read one of them if my momther allowed me to.

I just stopes reading after ehat had happened to my sister. One of my parents friends came over with his daughter and said "clarissa do yoy want to hear a story?" Even though she wasnt asked my sister, lyn, jumped up and down with excitement and said yes with extreme joy. Like me she had always loved books and asked the man "oh please sir could you please read Hanzel and Gretle to us? It is one of my absolute favorites?!"

Nodding his head in approval she squealed in delight and ran to fetch the book. After her return he took the book gingerly from her hands and began to read. As soon as he gotbto the part about the witch trying to make hanzel and gretle into pies sometuing strange happened. A pair of great and uhly hands appeared and grabbed lyn righy from under our noses. "No!" Shouted the man and he began to sob and wail and yell strange things that i have yet to understand this day.

But ever since then, i have never read a single volume and no books have ever been within my reach

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