Slave For Styles

Harry Styles. Dominating Presence.

What happens when Lauren's mother gives her up for money.. To the richest bachelor in London. Harry uses Lauren for his own pleasure. Sex. What will happen when the two start to slowly fall for one another. Will it run smoothly. . or will it completely fall apart?


1. o n e

Lauren's POV.


"You can't do this!" I shouted at my mother.

"Yes I can! Your my daughter!" she shouted back, emphasizing the word 'my'.

"Mummy, wey you and sissy welling?" My two year old brother, Christian, asked in his adorable baby voice.

"Bub, sissy is leaving in ten minutes. Go say bye."

"Why you leavin'?" Chris asked with watery eyes.

"I just have to babe, I promise I'll be back soon." kissing his forehead, I made my way into my room.

I grabbed one of my duffle bags, and put all my toiletries in there. Along with a few changes of clothes.

Then I quickly made my way into my closet and changed into some shorts and a pastel pink jumper. I put on a pair of my white supras.

I grabbed my phone and charger and shoved it onto my bag. After I brushed my teeth and straightened out my hair, the doorbell rang.

"Lauren, Harry's here! Come on.down."

I grabbed my bag and walked down the stairs.

I quickly gave Christian a hug and said my goodbyes.




"And this is our room." Harry opened a door to show a massive bedroom.

I sat my bag down on the chair next to the door, as I took in the creme' colored walls.

"Wow. This is gorgeous." I smiled, running my fingers over the soft white bedding on the California king bed.

"Okay kitten, you've been with me for five months. We started dating on January 13th. Don't talk to other men, unless I give you permission. You do what ever I say, if you don't listen.. you will be punished. Okay?" He said making his way over to me.

"O-okay." I nodded.

"Good girl." He whispered, pulling me closer by the waist.

I stared up into his green emerald eyes, flickering my stare to his pink lips.

He slowly started leaning in.

Instead if kissing, his mouth moved to my ear and whispered, "Get dressed for bed." Then kissed right below my ear.

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