Lost in the Dark

*Sequel to 'The Daughter of Pitch Black'*
It has been two weeks since Emma left the Guardians to save Jack, and she's the only thing Jack thinks about. He needs to find her and save her, whatever the cost.


2. Chapter Two

*Emma's POV*


I wish Jack would just give up. He doesn't need to risk his life for me. I made my choice. That is that.

He should just let it go. I'm gone, I left, and I'm never going back. But, no. He HAD to come when I'm trying to create a snowstorm, forcing me to run from him to protect him.

He still doesn't understand, I don't think he ever will. Black said he's 'Love Struck'. I don't care. He needs to stay away. I need to protect him, and that means he has to let me go my own way. 

"Emma? I need your help with something." Black said, walking up towards me. "I need your help to lure the Guardians to me." He said with a sinister smile. I don't return it, though I sighed. 

"What do you want me to do?" I asked. He suddenly struck my temple and I felt my body go limp.

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