Lost in the Dark

*Sequel to 'The Daughter of Pitch Black'*
It has been two weeks since Emma left the Guardians to save Jack, and she's the only thing Jack thinks about. He needs to find her and save her, whatever the cost.


1. Chapter One

*Jack's POV*

Two weeks went by and I still haven't found her. The others are thinking about giving up. That want Pitch wants, and I'm not giving it to him.

You want to known the truth? I love Emma. There I said it. She taught me new things, and I still am not sure what they are. 

I need to find her. She is everything to me. She made me feel, different. She's special. She needs love to.

I paced around the globe, when North suddenly shouted "I know where she is!" 

I jumped "Where?" I asked. "She's in North America!" He replied. 

I flew off, ignoring the other's protests. I was going to find Emma, whatever the cost. 







Not even Pitch Black, the Master of Fear. 

I flew toward North America, where a huge snow storm was blowing around. In the middle of it was Emma. 

"Emma!" I shouted. Emma turned around saw me, panicked, and ran. I was so confused. 

Why was she doing this? I just realized that Pitch was looking at her. Ohhhhhhh, so now Pitch just needs a distraction. I thought.

So, what if the rest of the Guardians distract him, while I rescue Emma? Perfect! I flew back to the North Pole, ready to discuss my marvelous plan. 

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